076 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

Lynn McTaggart who is an acclaimed author of many best-selling books around quantum physics and global transformation wrote in her most recent book… called The Power of Eight states (paraphrased)…. 

There is a palpable sense of oneness in a group who have a powerful unified intention and commitment. There’s a cosmic power that seems to work through them, providing profoundly transforming experiences opening into a new reality they never knew existed.” 

And we are doing the same thing, not only for the planet, but for ourselves. 

Lynn McTaggart speaks about her remarkable findings of 10 years experimenting with the effect of the intentions of small committed groups…And how the power of these groups can change the world for the better and heal our lives. 

She further said that when individuals in a group focus their attention together on a single target, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal long-standing conditions. The greatest untold truth of all is that the group intention has a mirror effect, not only assisting the recipient… which in our process is the Earth and all humanity but also reflecting back powerfully on the senders as they receive the same blessings they send out.  

After 10 years of research she said that people were transformed by the group’s intentional process and they also began to experience spontaneous healing for themselves as well. We are both sender and receiver. 

After more research Lynn and her team conclude that perhaps praying together as a group affords a glimpse of the whole of the Cosmos… and the results are very possibly the closest you can get to an experience of the miraculous! 

She also did more tests which included Dr. Emoto and his work.  He is the water doctor I’m sure you have all heard of him. He considered himself “a missionary of water.”  He believed that water had an intimate relationship with our minds and that by healing water we would heal the world…and that we can heal the water through group thoughts and intentions. 

Lynn McTaggart also believed that bacteria in polluted water can be transformed into its benign form through group positive intention. Even bacteria is highly sensitive to the power of intention. And, for our purposes even viruses. 

A number of her laboratory experiments demonstrated that positive intention in small groups could encourage the mutation of the harmful E. coli bacteria into a positive form and negative intention could impede it. How powerful our thoughts and intentions are!! 

Their studies also show that the consistency of meeting week after week which we are doing, played a large part in the success of the manifest results of the intention. Everything we are doing is becoming stronger and more powerful. 

Our perception and awareness is being heightened by our focused intention and mindfulness in both our outer and inner worlds.  During this process our brain experiences synchronization of our brain waves and the two sides of the brain operate more synergistically. 

When you change a person’s brain waves there is also potential for a change of identity…the sense of self shifts. We move into what is called an oceanic state.  This is a shift of small self and personal concerns to a larger more expanded self and more compassion and concern about others dominates. 

There can be a release of chronic emotional patterns and limiting beliefs making it much easier to experience universal love…. freeing us from any long held pain or grief. This process activates our prefrontal cortex and opens us up to more consciousness…more Light!.  More 5D identity. 

I will conclude with Lynn Taggart’s statement…  “I now believe that group intention can heal the world. The healing is all in the participation and the desire to pray with one voice.” 

White glow around your body with a white cylinder connecting all of us to the target area

In God’s Light







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