075 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

This information below is from “Ascension, Embracing the Transformation” by Vidya Frazier, a longtime spiritual teacher and psychotherapist.

We are on the bridge between two worlds.

One world might be termed the third dimension; the other world the Fifth Dimension. Many of us have a foot in both worlds.

According to many esoteric teachings, the golden age has happened previously in the history of earth.

As I mentioned last week every 26,000 years the Earth enters into the center of the center of the Milky Way as it is currently doing NOW. In this area of the galaxy, high frequencies of energy exist that naturally lift all the planets and beings that move through this field into a higher vibration of consciousness, greatly accelerating their rate of evolution. We are experiencing this now. Many prophecies foresaw this future event in the past …It is happening now!

The term used for this rapid evolutionary shift of humanity and Earth is described and has been prophesied as The Ascension.

As we enter the Fifth Dimension we awaken into full consciousness of who we are and we will live in the absolute knowing of the Oneness of all that exists. We will live from a state of unconditional love, inner peace and joy, and ongoing freedom from fear, shame, judgment and separation.

In the Fifth Dimension there is a complete loss of any sense of suffering. There is a deep sense of gratitude for life in all of its manifest forms.

As you know, we are working with concepts in our meditations that are beyond the understanding of the linear mind.  Those stuck in the third dimension would not be able to recognize the power of what we are doing. We are a small powerful group making a huge difference as our global vibration is being raised.

In the Fifth Dimension we remember our true nature. We experience full realization of ourselves as pure Divine consciousness and… as unique individual expressions of that consciousness.

The Shift we are undergoing from the third dimension to the Fifth is enormous as we are in the mist of experiencing a death process. The death of our old 3-d self and all its familiar beliefs, fears, emotions and experiences. And in the middle of that we are experiencing an incredible birth process into a brand new self that is yet unknown to us. This can get messy.

We are having to put focus and energy into clearing out low vibrational emotions and limited beliefs from this lifetime and in many past lives as well. There is also a rewiring going on in our dense physical bodies.

Most of us have begun to experience the power of being in the Now which is a synonym for the Fifth Dimension in our process of connecting with our Dreambody… It gives us a lot of clarity; at least it gives me a lot of clarity around not being involved in a mind game. In 5D there is no sense of being worthy or unworthy ….none of that exists in 5D.

We are One and we are LOVE, Compassion, Just and without judgment or resistance to what is. That state of Being is without time and is Now.

In God’s Light



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