May There Be Peace On Earth

May There Be Peace On Earth

I can’t help but feel that we are in the “Eye Of The Storm”. At least for me there’s a real calmness right now. A sense of Peace that surpasses all understanding.

I live in Sedona, Arizona and we are in the midst of a magnificent snowfall… not a snow storm. There’s just a blanket of white everywhere and on everything. It feels to me like Grace. I know I have shared this before but it is an experience worth sharing again. I was doing some Feng Shui and healing work for a family in Walnut Creek, CA. eight or nine years ago. The husband was in the bedroom and he was in the last stages of brain cancer. I had worked with this couple for many years. The wife, Sharon, and I were standing in the living room and we were reciting a Feng Shui Mantra and suddenly… it was “like”… snowing in the house. What looked like huge white snowflakes were falling from the heavens in their living room. The interdimensional experience and feeling was indescribable bliss. Sharon felt the Amazing Grace as I did… But I was able to see it! Her husband passed peacefully later that day. From that time on, snowflakes have taken on a new meaning for me. I have another Amazing Grace story about hail the size of a golf ball when I was in Germany but I will save that for another time.

Monday evening we got six or eight solid inches of snow! That is a lot of Grace. Yesterday we were snowed in because there aren’t any snow plows available. Sedona, to my knowledge, only has one snow plow for the main roads and highway.

So there’s a peace and quiet here that is very satisfying after such a tumultuous few months.

From what I’m catching on the internet… it looks like President Biden has very quickly addressed many serious national issues and some of them are issues that we all have been praying for… like racial equality, fair PAY for all, federal cars are to become an electric fleet to make an active statement about the perils of fossil fuel. We are in the midst of adopting new criteria that supports unity and a healing atmosphere rather than our previous experience of division and violence.

Of course many of the new executive appointments in high positions in our country most recently include People of Color, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and God bless us all… Women!!

There are new executive orders around immigration and border processing, the US refugee policy… and the establishment of family reunification for those who had been separated at our borders and were inhumanely treated. These issues are being tackled at this very moment.
Oh… and I hear The Wall is going down!

Prison reform, equitable housing, the Pandemic and vaccine, an appropriate stimulus package… and the re-establishment of the Presidents Council along with rejoining the International Paris Agreement to assist in the critical issues of global climate change have become a national priority. ALL of these issues are being addressed… this week.

I also need to add that I am not in total agreement with all of this… I am certainly not pro-vaccine and I have issues with some of the protocols surrounding the stimulus package. I am sure all of you are not in agreement with everything that is happening but I do believe there is a positive shift that is moving in a progressive and unifying direction. Amen and Let it be So!

It seems to me that many of our prayers for Peace on Earth and the raising of consciousness have been heard! I believe we are now moving in a direction that serves humanity and I pray that there is a positive outcome as Democracy prevails and all of our voices are heard in this unprecedented and transformational time in history.

May these unified and heartfelt steps… and prayers toward healing and higher consciousness that are being initiated at this very moment in our world prevail. May the new US Executive Orders… as well as healing within all of our hearts and minds create continual movement toward Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all people as we make our way toward Ascension!

In God’s Light,

Alexis Summerfield, M.A.