We are choosing our future

We are choosing our future

We may be going through the Dark Night of the Soul in our human evolution, but this challenging time also holds the key to unlock the areas of our lives and our futures that are our destiny. Right now, we are all in a place of incredible opportunity and we are poised on the threshold of becoming truly conscious of our ability to create a positive reality in a very profound way.

This is true for us individually, as a nation and for civilization on this planet.

I recently watched a video about the pandemic that appeared to me to be extremely dark. I don’t know if the information was true but it presented a dark reality that hovered over me for a little while. It made me extremely uncomfortable.

At that moment I decided to choose a different reality. I definitely don’t want to put my focus on one that traverses a negative and almost hopeless path and outcome because doing this gives power and intention to the wrong direction. It is a path that is in resistance to the Light. It is a path in resistance to love, faith and continued illumination and expansion. The Light and all of its generous promises is where I prefer to put my focus and my power as a creator.

We all create our reality by our thoughts, focus and resulting words and actions and therefore we all contribute to the existence of the predominant reality on our planet.

I had an experience of choosing to move out of what felt like a hovering gloom in my work many years ago. I was working with and learning from a very talented energy practitioner in the mid-west who created a profound method of clearing that I have been using with my clients ever since. It is a process of transforming negative energy through positive affirmation and support verses displacement and removal. I clear discordant energy in my work for people, locations and relationships and have done so in my Feng Shui Practice for over 25 years.

In this clearing process, the discordant energy actually makes a choice of whether to go to the Light or not. Energy does not have mind but it does have consciousness and it does have the ability to choose. Believe me, ultimately it will always choose the Light. Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes it’s much more difficult but it will always choose the Light when it is offered an opportunity through trust, compassion and non-judgment. I believe with all of my heart that WE also create a supportive reality that incorporates human advancement when we choose the Light and all it has to offer.

Well, you might say…”Of course I choose the Light!”

But do we choose it and create from it when we buy into pessimistic media provided on the internet and television, as well as from friends or family who are in fear of an unknown outcome?

I stopped working with this particular practitioner mentioned above because his very strong view of reality was one that I found depressing and that darkness actually created a sense of hopelessness in me.

It had nothing to do with right or wrong. He presented a reality that I chose not to give my attention to or put my focus on. I chose a different reality. One that my experience and emotions thrived on in a positive uplifting way and I continue to live that reality very successfully in my work and in my life today.

I was at the grocery store the other day and the cashier waved her arms and said “We are living in a world that has gone mad.” I got the feeling she had said that many times. I remember it so clearly because at first I had resonance with what she said. And then I consciously chose not to empower that reality … But rather to look to the Light, to have faith in the Power of the Unknown and to believe we are creating a New World that supports and enables justice and equality rather than insanity.

Each one of us has to choose the reality we want to live and in doing so we contribute to the predominate reality on our planet and our future.

In Quantum Physics, the world is full of possibilities and we create reality by choosing which one to give our attention to. You and I and every person in our world right now and definitely every person in our country are standing on the threshold of where to put our focus, and in doing so we are choosing our future.

I mentioned the book “The Isaiah Effect” by Gregg Braden in another article last July or so.

Greg explains that in the Old Testament, the Prophet Isaiah had two prophesies around The End Times… The first one is that the world would become dark and there would be destruction, starvation and many challenges to human and planetary survival.

The second prophecy was written right after the first one and it reveals a time of justice, compassion and abundance for all people! A time of expansion and illumination. It was thought by many Biblical scholars that Isaiah was saying that we would first go through one and then transition to the other. Greg Braden has a different view of it from his Quantum Physics background. He states that what the prophet Isaiah was actually doing was expressing a potential for a reality that we would choose in future generations…

You and I are choosing it right now by where we are putting our focus.

As we stay focused on the Light, the mystery of what is Unknown unfolds and assists us in the Ascension process as the world transitions into its true and elevated destiny.

It is up to us……We are choosing it!

In God’s Light,
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.