We Become Metahuman As Our World Transitions

We Become Metahuman As Our World Transitions

In Deepak Chopra’s book “Metahuman” published in 2019, Deepak talks about an opportunity for each of us to move beyond the ordinary and begin to occupy a Meta-Reality. Meta is a Greek word for beyond— beyond the linear side of life to awakening to who we really are. Most of us are very familiar with the term metaphysical.

As we move into the Fifth Dimension and enter this higher vibration we begin to identify with our True Self with a capital S. We also discover that this new vibration is within us—it just needs to be activated. As we do this, we transition into being in the world but we are no longer “of” the world. Who said that?

Deepak Chopra‘s Metareality could also be defined as the Fifth Dimension as it relates to our present process of Ascension. This Metareality is the source of all creation and takes us beyond historical patterns that have lost their meaning. They dwell in the past which no longer exists for us as we evolve to this new level of awareness.

Metareality, or the Fifth Dimension, assists us to experience and understand the imminent global process of Awakening. As we know, there is no past or future in this elevated vibration. They are both “Maya” or illusion. As we move out of our repetitive patterns founded in our personal history—and out of fear of the imagined future, we experience the potential to become Metahuman. It is born from within us. We are already that. We just have to wake up to it and bring awareness to it. “I Am That”

We are in the process of doing that very thing right now—globally. That is the difference in how an Awakening has happened in the past. Then—it was for the Christ, the Avatar, the Saint, the Sage, the Yogi. NOW it is for all of us!

Our personal reality defines the world we live in. We create it either from our personal past or fear OR from experiencing the moment without attachment.

Two people walking down the street are having their own experience of reality. One may have just been laid off from a job, feeling sad and forlorn, feeling a victim, and experiencing resentment and fear around their future while staring at the cement sidewalk as they walk. The other person walking on that sidewalk may have also been laid off but they are experiencing peace as they breathe in nature around them, feeling at one with the moment and experiencing gratitude and faith in their life path.

They are both walking down the same sidewalk and each one is experiencing a different reality. The first one is an illusion, is historical and fear-based. The other is experiencing Metareality and lives in Presence. You and I are walking down the same sidewalk right now, December 2020 along with millions of other people and each one of us are choosing our reality through our perception and our awareness. This internal process manifests the reality we act upon and make real in every moment of our lives.

I had a client who once said to me,”This life is the “real” Hell. This is a chosen reality she was making real. We all choose the world we live in and from that choice we bear the fruit or the consequence.

And now we ask, is the Fifth Dimension coming? Is it going to arrive soon?

Well, it is already here. It is within us just waiting to be activated as a transcendent third from the duality of the Third Dimension so we can Wake Up to living in the New World that is already available right NOW. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Egyptian Book of the Dead Ch 17. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. New Testament Luke 17:11

It can’t be a surprise that each of us chooses whether to live in the reality of a Third Dimensional world of love versus hate, peace versus war or…? To live the reality of the Fifth Dimension and become Metahuman as we surpass duality and choose the greater whole represented by compassion justice, love and peace in every moment of every day as we discover the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

To realize ourselves as Metahuman. we must go beyond the identity we have been taught from birth. All of the old needs to be over-ridden and edited out.

Each one of us, right now, at this very moment, can choose to live in that new Reality and Wake Up. All we have to do is bring awareness into the Metareality around and within us. The key to opening that Reality and becoming Metahuman and living in the Fifth Dimension lies within the thoughts we generate and the choices we make. If they are made from past experiences or out of fear, we stay in duality. If they are made in Presence we are living a limitless Metahuman reality.

We have talked about Maya quite often in these presentations and Maya, or illusion has deceived us into believing that the ordinary world is real. We believe it so completely that we mold ourselves to conform to it. Can choice redirect that experience? Absolutely!

Going beyond. Becoming a better human and experiencing a Metareality is the only way out of the illusions in our lives that each of us chooses as suffering, confusion, judgment and conflict.

According to Eastern Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Western Ideology, as well as Indigenous and Shamanic teachings, the world is an illusion and you and I mold our personal reality to fit it. We have chosen this. And in return, our mind-driven reality molds us even more completely. The Third Dimension is actually a mind-made world!

Open your eyes. Look around you and see all of the constructs that your mind has created. Close your eyes and find the true Reality/ Experience non-existence or no-thing.

I can feel the strength of the battle my mind-made reality puts up. It is not an easy battle to quiet our mind-made reality but it can be done in Presence.

How do we unmake what the mind has made in relationship to our process of Awakening?
Can we believe that what the mind has made, it can also unmake? Can we make that choice? Yes!

We are moving out of the paradigm of a mind-made world, globally and we are stepping into true Reality—  reality that is beyond the mind illusion that many Eastern, Holistic Western and Indigenous traditions hold true. And now modern science is beginning to recognize Maya. True Reality is not perceived by the five senses because it has no shape or location. It is totally accessible and offers the only means of escape from the simulated reality we have constructed.

One of the great gifts of Quantum Physics is that this science proves the existence of the reality that Eastern Meditation and Indigenous Traditions became aware of through meditation and connection with Nature. The atoms or elementary particles that form our Reality actually form a non-solid world of potential and possibilities.

How do we live in the Fifth Dimension? We choose to live in it. How do we become Metahuman? We choose to do so. We all have to find the key to open the Kingdom Within and our world becomes Heaven on Earth.

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield M.A.