The Power Of The Unknown!

The Power of the Unknown

I am preparing a series of planetary healing lectures that originate from teachings and active meditations I’ve been offering over the phone during the global pandemic. We began on April 1, 2020 and gathered on the phone every day through June 1. About 12 -15 people have participated from different parts of the United States. Starting in June, we added meditations for planetary healing and spiritual awakening. As of October, we continue to meet on the phone on Monday and Wednesday at 2 o’clock.

These meditation journeys mix Shamanism, Quantum Physics, Faith in the Divine and the creation of a positive global future as their base. Their purpose is to transmit healing to humanity around our global situation as well as to assist those who participate to experience healing and support in their own lives.

In each gathering I offer a teaching, and then we experience a powerful journey in the imaginal realm for the purpose of countering all of the negative and fearful images that have spread across the world through our news media and Internet. These negative images and fears have lodged into many of our thoughts, words and deeds creating more anxiety and concern about our health and economic future.

In each gathering we call upon Father Mother God to bless our process and our journey in sacred time and in the imaginal realm. We activate whatever positive experience we have in our meditative journey to bless the hearts and minds of all humanity. The imaginal world is the dimension between the Third Dimension and the realm of Spirit, otherwise known as the Fifth Dimension. It is a place where we can interact with Spirit in order to bring blessing to our reality. As we move through a global spiritual awakening the establishment of a Fifth Dimensional reality becomes active in our world. This new and much higher consciousness is one of peace, compassion, justice and equality.

Some have called the entrance of the Fifth Dimension the Ascension, Heaven on Earth, The Golden Age or The Second Coming. These are descriptions of a New World that has been prophesied for thousands of years from many different traditions and religions. We are there now.

In today’s teaching I am sharing the benefit of what it means to step into the Unknown and to gain insight, strength and direction from this powerful Ally. The Unknown is the womb of all creation. As we interact with it we are enhancing our experience of allowing, and we are releasing our linear control to the Divine as it becomes the Way-Shower. The level of consciousness available when we interact with the Unknown becomes a force that has the potential to create something new, something beyond what already exists. Allowing the Unknown to become a participant in our global transformation represents the potential for something far above anything we’ve ever known or have experienced before to manifest. We don’t know what the Unknown contains. It is unknown to us, but we interact with it as though we do know. The Unknown is an Ally that serves us, our planet and our expansion if we will allow it to. All it takes is TRUST in this Divine Force.

Our experience becomes one of Faith as the Unknown introduces the potential for the establishment of a higher consciousness on our planet. The Unknown only exists in the Now or the present moment and in Presence there is no time. The past and the future lose their hold on us in favor of living in the present moment where peace and compassion reside.

After each teaching in this three part series, there will be a meditation journey. In Shamanism Power Animals and Allies are honored interactive spirit energy. Allies come in many forms and are helpers. We are in contact with them in the imaginal realm. The imaginal realm is the place between Spirit and the Third Dimension where we can be in interaction with these spiritual helpers. Our meditation journeys are experienced in the imaginal realm.

Power Animals are the spirit energy and divine essence of an animal that is of assistance to us on our journeys and beyond and they usually carry a particular quality such as wisdom, healing or fearlessness. We can contact Allies and Power Animals in the imaginable realm to help us when we are in need. Power Animals empower and protect like Guardian Spirits. In our phone meditations we activated both Power Animals and Allies that came to us during our past six month process. Four of these are identified below because you will meet them in our meditation journeys at the end of each presentation.

The first Ally that interacted with us was a Lighthouse which turned into thousands of Lighthouses that beams supportive energy onto our planet from the compassionate intentions of each of us on our meditation journeys.

The second Ally is a Power Animal that came to us in these journeys, a shiny black Jaguar. The Jaguar is one of our very favorites! Traditionally in Shamanism, the Jaguar releases fear and protects.

Another of our Allies is a Rose. The Rose is a representative of the NOW or Presence.
There is no time in the Now, no past or future, no guilt or fear. When one experiences this there is nothing but peace and the struggles related to time and the Third Dimension disappear. In our third session of this series you will learn how to enter the Now and become free of the limitations created by time.

Our fourth Ally is the Hummingbird Bridge. This is the bridge between ordinary or chronological time and sacred or Kairos time. In each active meditation we will cross the Hummingbird Bridge and shift our consciousness from ordinary time to sacred time. As we enter the imaginal realm our Jaguar always meets us and walks with us to a stone precipice. In the many months of interaction with the Jaguar, we have found that he can divide himself into many Jaguars so that each of us can ride his back into the imaginal world. We’ve also found it beneficial to look through his eyes because he sees six times better than we do. As we begin our journey we all leap off of the precipice into the subtle realms and then our active meditation and service to the planet begins. Each time it is a different journey. 

by Cindy Luck

Now let us journey into the Unknown…..We must put all resistance, expectation, doubt or concern aside and we will travel there on the power of our TRUST and faith. Trust in the wonder of the Divine path to wholeness and compassion that you and I, our planet and all humanity is traversing. Hold steady with your faith that all is truly well and our life and planet is moving toward a level of peace that surpasses all understanding.

Meditation to enter and experience the powerful Unknown.

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield M.A