We Are Crossing A Bridge into Constantly Receiving

We Are Crossing A Bridge into Constantly Receiving

At this time in history we are preparing to experience a new and higher vibration called the Ascension.

It is a vibration of the Fifth Dimension…. We experience this Metareality as we become Metahuman and expand beyond our present awareness. Meta is the Greek root word for “beyond.”

We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. This tells us that “getting…. by taking” isn’t part of our purpose for being here (though it is naively quite popular!) but has no relevance in the Fifth Dimension.

As we experience unconditional love without resistance or judgment in our lives…. we participate in the process of Allowing. We are then crossing a bridge into an experience of constantly RECEIVING whatever we need… Whatever we desire! We are in the flow and the Universe constantly responds as we have the capacity to realize and participate with it.

Can this be true? I felt a flash of awareness of this concept being true and then my mind shut it down. But I felt it! It felt possible! Light came in through a crack in my imbedded linear reality.

Christianity taught us that we are born in original sin, and moving past that programming and achieving a new Meta-identity is quite a mountain to climb…. even if we do not see that concept or belief as relevant in our conscious mind.

When I wrote “we can have whatever we desire” I felt a flash in my forehead that rejected it. Awareness allowed me to take note of that experience. What was your experience when you read those words? Mine was unconscious and definitely an expression of resistance coming from my Third Dimensional self …. A linear reality that we are all moving away from.

Overwhelm, whether it’s physical and is caused by some kind of physical deficit like inflammation and pain, emotional stress, or whether it is caused by the continual tasks that are required attempting to navigate our very linear world, overwhelm creates a barrier that we must overcome in order to cross to the bridge into the Fifth Dimension and our New World Reality.

Energetic conditioning imprinted in our emotional body during childhood is often the conditions each of us have to overcome in this lifetime. We need to overcome them so that they do not prevent us from experiencing Unconditional Love and the willingness and capacity to move into a higher vibration.

Through experiencing Unconditional Love within ourselves… and by offering it to others, we learn to give love in every situation and we release more and more resistance to the bridge we are all crossing. We then begin to express the vibration of Heaven on Earth. The Kingdom of God is within us and as we share unconditional love, we too participate in the creation of the long prophesied Heaven on Earth.

Our world expands tremendously when we learn to perceive unconditionally. Unconditional perception is a key to experiencing, expressing and discovering the “Kingdom” within ourselves so that we can radiate it out into the world and begin to activate this process of compassion, justice and Ascension on our planet.

What do you want in your life?

Peace, abundance, good health, love and happiness are all Universal Desires. In the Third Dimension, new houses, money, clothes, cars and technology are the modes of receiving desired outcomes. But the Fifth Dimension is different.

How can we experience resonance so that we can attract desirable outcomes allowing us receive and experience true happiness by giving as a way of receiving rather than getting? How do we give to ourselves unconditionally the resonance of whatever we have been trying to get from the world and everybody else? From a nonlinear perspective, when we give that which we’ve been trying to get….. we receive everything we were looking for.

As we step into the moment ……the vibration of compassion and unconditional love prevails.
Fear, anger and grief cannot find their way through this doorway. Their vibration is too low and so they become exiled to a place of rehabilitation to the process of unconditional love.

We live in a Unified Field and even though there appears to be a space between us called the world, everything is one. As you and I go within and find the pathway of Presence and Unconditional Love, we choose a world that is at the threshold of being reborn!

In God’s Light,
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.