Support The Planetary Reset Button

Support The Planetary Reset Button

There seems to be so much division in our world and all on very important matters, individually, nationally and as a civilization.

The old adage “United we stand and divided we fall.” has taken on a dominant priority in our world situation and most definitely in our vision of our national and global future.

The concept of hitting the reset button feels so appropriate and powerful right now. I would like to believe that that is exactly what’s happening. We must activate positive movement forward to assist the fulfillment of the vibrational shift that is underway on our planet so that we make peace, justice and equality our priority. We have reached a bifurcation point in so many of these areas and now we are encountering the potential for the creation a unified global platform that recognizes and honors justice, peace and compassion for all people…..leaving war, domination and global discord in the past.

We are the ones who will choose it. Clarity and creating focused action on an intentional outcome of Planetary Ascension accelerates our movement forward around so many significant issues.

In Quantum Physics the method of creating something new always includes CHAOS that breaks the old apart. As we all know, this is happening on many levels right now. It is important for us to maintain a positive outlook with all that is crumbling around us so that we can activate beneficial intent into the ascended world that is being birthed in it’s place from the present disorder.

I think we would all agree that something huge, something massive would have to happen in order for a whole planet to redirect itself onto a more ascended course than it has been traversing for many centuries. A direction dedicated to the creation of a green environment that is propelling itself toward equality, justice and compassion when our previous history has been immersed in war, environmental pollution, dominance of the few over many, inequality and racism. Until now these aspects of our civilization have reigned unchallenged in our world and they have a deep seeded past. At this historical time in our history we are experiencing the potential for a reset!

Chaos Theory in Quantum Physics is the qualitative study of unstable behavior in a known environment. The difficulty and confusion that is created in this tearing down of old structures is absolutely what’s needed now so that our global discord which is being expressed in areas such as climate change and racial entitlement is acknowledged and reconciled. As we allow and assist facilitation of this global reset our New World it has the opportunity to be born again!

During these times of chaos and realignment we can move toward our destined process of planetary Ascension. In Chaos Theory it is stated that we can’t move backward in a chaotic process, we can’t move backward into our original bifurcation point. The process has begun and there’s no turning back; it must move forward. Something absolutely new has the potential to be birthed as this present global transformation takes hold and our New World is embraced and nurtured by all humanity.

As we remain faithful to the intended outcome of Ascension, uncertainty can be reduced so that we can yield faithful support to a profound future that presently has it’s source in the Unknown. The Unknown is a very powerful place of creation that puts emphasis on faith and allowing instead of on dominating control. When we surf this terrain and shine our light into it’s depth New Worlds can unexpectedly emerge from what had previously been hidden in the shadows and new realities can be perceived.

We are all aware that the many prophecies, revelations and foretellings during this and past centuries confirm that a powerful vibrational shift on our planet is forthcoming. It is our destiny. The time for this awakening is NOW. It is up to us to remain faithful and keep our focus on the success of this present planetary transformation. Fortunately, HOW the manifestation of this reset and global Ascension is going tp come about is up to God!

May it be so!

And so it is!

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.