Trusting The Gap Between The Worlds

Trusting The Gap Between The Worlds

Bardo is a Tibetan word for an in between state. It is a mysterious place that creates potential and opportunity to move to a higher level of consciousness because when we experience The Bardo we are open to receive information that was not easily reconciled in our prior state.

We are in the Unknown because we are not in control but rather we are in a limbo state, experiencing death of the old so that the new can come to fruition. The events of 2020 have brought us to this transitional state as we release the toxic past of pollution and aggression. We are approaching an experience of allowing flow toward a higher planetary consciousness as we generate resilience and the ability to assist the New World that has been prophesied for centuries to become a Reality.

This change can be shocking and it can create fear in the masses. It requires letting go and moving with the current down the middle of the River of Life. If we avoid the natural flow of what’s happening, of what IS and try to cling to the sides of this river we will suffer from the sharp edges of the rocks that represent control and an inability to release that which is no longer serving us.

The Bardo is a place of transformation that interrupts the continuity that is otherwise projected onto our lives, continuity that creates comfort in feeling secure. The Bardo is a place and time of transformation; it opens the opportunity for needed change and it can be uncomfortable for those who do not want change and for those who are afraid of it.

The Bardo could be experienced as a feeling, like the rug is being pulled out from under us or feeling ungrounded and unsafe. It is an interruption in our normal sense of certainty.  The Bardo also expresses a time of loss and opens our eyes to that which is no longer available to us; yet we are still not aware of what is coming in its place.

It can be daunting to encounter this unknown gap between the worlds that is inbetween death of the old and birth of something new. That is our temporary state on planet Earth right now. We are in between the Worlds.

The Bardo suspends us just long enough that we are able to open up to a higher cosmic wisdom that does not have it’s source in an earth bound realism. A cosmic wisdom that we can put our faith in and that we can trust with our future.

A quote from Kim Krands’s “Archetype Guidebook'”

“In the Bardo there is potential to forgive the unforgivable, to say the unsaid, to see the unseen, to love the unloved, to let go of all the things that caused us pain.”

At this time in history we must do that as individuals, as nations and as humanity so that we can become renewed in our relationship with Nature, other countries and cultures and ourselves.

In doing this we are able to release previous understanding that binds us to the past in order to shape shift into our new entry point.  This new entry point represents the integration of a Reality that is still non-conceptual and hasn’t taken form yet.

We are creators and this is the creation process. The Bardo is the Unknown and we are in it.

As we lose our grip on the old reality… at the very same moment we open to discover a new one. Just like a trapeze artist who switches from one swing to another in mid air. If they hang on to the first swing while reaching for the second one, they would certainly fall.  You and I have to let go as well, so that we can catch that new swing and find comfort in our courage and trust in the gap in between the worlds.

While in this place of the Unknown, we have the freedom to imagine our New World into creation as we flow with the River of Life in positive expectation of a just, equal and compassionate reality awaiting us on the other side of NOW.

And so it is!

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.