What Are You In Resonance With?

What Are You In Resonance With?

In my last presentation I wrote about GIVING as a method of receiving. As we participate in the process of Allowing we cross the bridge into an experience of constantly receiving whatever we need. Whatever we desire! We are in the flow and the universe constantly responds as we have the capacity to realize and participate with it.

Unconditional love within ourselves and offering it to others allows us to give compassionately in every situation and as we do that we raise our vibration to a frequency that is in resonance with what we desire. We move into the Fifth Dimensional vibration… Of course, if we are vibrating at a low frequency we are not in resonance with the Fifth Dimension we cannot not attract it’s expansive opportunities.  Instead we chain ourselves to a world that can only offer low vibrational challenges, illness and fear.

We have been affected globally by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. It has been a messenger… millions have died or have experienced severe financial crisis, anxiety and stress about their future…

Beyond these tragedies there is also a positive message. Covid 19 is also a wake up call! A wake up call to raise our vibration so that we can come together as One and create a planet of compassion and justice. A wake up call around the devastating pollution that we have caused on planet earth, the only home we have. I’ve heard rumblings that AI can help us tremendously with this toxic issue and that creates a glimmer of hope around the restoration of our severely polluted planet.

In making that statement I just raised the vibration of the previous one.

Did you feel it?

After our call last week through a variety of unusual circumstances I discovered that someone that I knew very briefly…. I will call her Ellen had contracted Covid.

She owns a small store in the town I live in and I’m sure her illness came as quite a crisis. She became very fatigued when two of her employees got sick and she had to fire them because they would not get tested. So she overdid it covering their work schedule, which lowered her vibration into one of stress, anxiety and fatigue and then she came down with Covid herself.

I had the opportunity to have three Biontology treatments done for her nonlocally.  Biontology is the science and healing process of working with vibrations and frequencies for physical healing,  I also had about 15 treatments done for her by an acupuncturist in Oregon who helps me with my clients from a distance and Ellen recovered quite quickly. I absorbed the cost of the treatments myself because I could not charge her for the work that was being done since she was unable to run her business at that time and did not have money coming in.  It became my “Dance with Covid” as I gave her daily cell phone support and had two or three treatments done a day for her nonlocally (from a distance).

I danced with Covid by helping Ellen to create better health in a difficult situation. My dance card is now full meaning my vibration is not in resonance with the destructive aspects of Covid but rather I am in resonance with its ability to be a messenger to assist us to move into a new vibration of compassion and justice and a release of toxicity.

I’m done dancing with Covid and I am now in resonance with the concept of giving the gift of health and therefor I have received it.

My active compassion allowed me to be in resonance with good health rather than experiencing sympathy which is a combination of grief, fear and apathy without positive action. Sympathy is a low vibration that drives the frequency down ….and down even further if that information is shared with other people and they become resonant with ill health, anxiety and struggle.

Below is The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins. It’s a very famous chart developed about 20 years ago.

As you can see on the chart, the map of consciousness is a scale of 0 to 1000 with the lower levels being just above zero up through 175.

200 which represents Courage, is the breakpoint on the map. From there it moves up to 700 which is the beginning point of Enlightenment. Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus) and Buddha were at 1000plus and the whole world shifted.

Anyone at the level of 700 counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200…. and one person at 600 counterbalances 10,000 people below 200 etc. as you can read on this chart.

What a powerful example of Critical Mass and how important it is for each one of us is to keep our vibration high and in doing so… In doing ONLY that… we counterbalance the negativity of so many who are not able to move out of stress, fear and anxiety.

As we move away from grieving over loss or experiencing sympathy for those who have struggled we keep our vibration high. Our thoughts and our words become aligned with compassion, gratitude and positive intention and expectation for them and for ourselves.

This way we counterbalance the negativity and struggles of those who have been unable to courageously move into the higher realms that are readily available for us to resonate with now!

In God’s Light,
Alexis Summerfield, M.A.