The Field Is The Only Reality There Is

The Field Is The Only Reality There Is


Lynne McTaggart’s book called “The Field” was a New York Times bestseller and she is highly acclaimed for her understanding of this Quantum Physics tenet… The Field.

“The Field is the only reality there is.”
Albert Einstein

More below from from Lynn McTaggart About the Field.

“What matters is not an isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things – the bond… “

In the past the Field has been designated as the collective consciousness or by theologians the Holy Spirit.

We do not live in a universe of certainty but rather in a world of relationships that is an uncertain state of infinite possibilities. It is our intention and focus that activates these possibilities.

And finally “The power of mass intention may ultimately be the force that shifts the tide toward repair and renewal of the planet.”

Of course this requires awareness of the power of the unseen world which is available to us in our relationship to the Fifth Dimension through our intention and focus. This is not a LINEAR Third Dimensional understanding of reality.

Feng Shui utilizes an ancient science where discoveries have come from meditation and connection to the Field. No super microscopes are needed. This is also true of Shamanic traditions. Jungian Psychology also includes a-causal understanding of synchronistic experiences that have no linear cause.

In Feng Shui one might hang a purple crystal and set an intention to bring in wealth and abundance rather than looking for a promotion or trying to find new ways to create income from a linear aspect. This is 5D versus 3D….and it works!….and it has been working for 4000 years.

What we do and think matters and it is a critical component in creating our New World. Quantum Physics brought in this awareness of the Field that connects us all ….and awareness of it, activates it. It’s what connects us all and brings relationship and meaning to everything.

With an understanding of the Field it is no longer us and them and we’re no longer at the periphery of our universe looking in. We are ONE with all of it. Acknowledgment of the Field facilitates our rightful place in the center of our world as we become conscious creators of it. We are that.

Modern science had, and continues to have great difficulty with the tenets of Quantum Physics because old linear 3D concepts are no longer valid and they need to be scrapped for a new vision. A vision that has been given to us through greater awareness of the world that Is smaller than an atom. Quantum behavior of this minuscule activity teaches us about the miraculous and what is possible…. because we are also made up of this minuscule world. Therefore miracles available through it are available to us as well.

This is the world that is invisible to the naked eye. It facilitates a vision and understanding of how the universe operates…. and it is not linear! As we move out of the linear third dimensional consciousness we connect with the miraculous and the unlimited possibilities for global awakening and personal transformation.

Dismissing long-held linear ideas has not come easily, not only in science but for also for humanity. Those who can’t get past third dimensional thinking of height, width and depth would have great difficulty understanding the power of what can be accomplished in the Field through intention.

The Field and all of it’s potential is bonded with planet Earth, the cosmos, the Divine and all humanity. Our focus and intentions that are directed toward an awakening global transition in a frequency of compassion, equality and justice become a direct hit.

In God’s Light
Alexis Summerfield M.A.
Feng Shui Consultant

The painting is by Alexis Summerfield. The red sphere in the upper right corner is a symbol of Source. The Field is the energy emanating from it. The Rose at the bottom left is a symbol of the Now. And the white flower and the images at the bottom right are symbols of the third dimension. The Field connects everything as we transition to the higher vibration of Ascension!