004 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Audio of Universal Prayer

by Alexis Summerfield, M.A. | click to plya

Father Mother God we are so grateful to be gathered together as people of faith, joy and positive expectation To assist a planet going through a powerful transformation with our prayers and our faith in a positive outcome. 

Our planet and each one of us who live here on earth…. are moving through an amazing universal, as well as private, healing journey. 

What sign posts do you notice along the way on your journey? I have seen three that really stand out… And I’d like to share them with you as a prayer.. 

The first one is PERSPECTIVE 

Metaphorically… Perspective reveals which window we are looking out of… The window that views hopelessness fear, death and food shortages..  

Or are you looking out the window that reveals an amazing shift on planet earth and offers a new hope to all humanity….. as opportunities become available through the transformation created by this crisis that were not even feasible or visible before. We are becoming residents in a whole New World of amazing possibilities and Discoveries! 

Let’s take a moment and close our eyes… See your two windows and choose one whole heartedly … Whole heartedly means you don’t ever get to go back to the one that you negate. 

Close the blinds in the window that you are discarding. As you do that it just disappears 

It no longer exists. Hallelujah! 

I see another sign post and it is called FAITH.

Does your faith in the divine Light that fills our amazing universe ….allow you to relax and find peace and healthy reflection during this transformational time? 

Do you have faith in a new world created by compassion and Justice by so many on our planet… That overcomes control of manipulation? 

Let’s take a moment and ask our soul ….let’s check in and feel what our soul is expressing. Any fear there? There is no fear at the soul level…only love and faith in our future. 

Our third sign post on our journey is EXPECTATION… What is your expectation for yourself and our planet? Wherever you put your focus, that is what you’re creating. 

Let us stay focused on opportunities for a courageous humanity to rise up out of the ashes of this transformation and accomplish what has never been fathomed before. To find ways to expand our world into one of freedom and justice for all. 

These three signposts move us out of dark and challenging places and into the space of Co-creation in the powerful UNKNOWN. 

Our healing journey moves us toward an experience of the amazing power of the unknown. What an adventure!! 

I know, as many as of you do about this exciting dimension of uncertainty and potential. 

The unknown is full of possibilities… And we can now navigate through it as co-creators with no resistance… and manifest an incredibly positive experience in this place of mystery and promise… This place of adventure and sparkle. 

As most of you know my journey from California to Arizona was inspired by losing everything I owned including my health to black mold.

Another invisible enemy soon to become an ally. 

It had made me very sick and physically debilitated. When I left with none of my belongings, I leased a new car and crossed the Mohave desert… Into a completely unknown place. I landed in Scottsdale, Arizona and I did not know a soul. I was so excited about all the unknown possibilities that I didn’t have time to resist what had happened. 

As I stepped blindfolded into that unknown I met a wonderful man.… We bought a house in Sedona, my business doubled and I got my health back.  

The power of not resisting this amazing, fertile, unknown is immeasurable. Seeing the unknown as an ally and not an enemy.  

That is where we are today as individuals, countries and as a planet. And we are all in it together. How amazing!  

It is …..Our Healing Journey. 




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