005 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Audio of Universal Prayer

by Alexis Summerfield, M.A. | click to play

Father Mother God as co-creators our intention and prayers are creating a New Heaven and a New Earth!  

Our future has not happened yet… It is still forming and we are still in the process of choosing the outcome. I studied and fell in love with quantum physics when I got my Masters Degree at JFK University in Orinda, CA. 

I mentioned Gregg Braden’s book the Isaiah affect in my last newsletter ….. Gregg’s ideas flow from this new science. 

 His information is certainly timely for today’s global challenges… It was published 20 years ago. Times like this have been prophesied for thousands of years. 

From a Vedic astrological perspective a global challenge and potential for change has been predicted To occur every 18 1/2 years. 

  • 2020 a global pandemic,
  • 18 1/2 years ago 911, 
  • 18 1/2 years before that the Aids epidemic,
  • 18 1/2 years before that President John F Kennedy was assassinated,
  • 18 1/2 years before that Hiroshima
  • 18 1/2 years before that the largest earthquake of the century and a plague in China.

There are many perspectives about what this challenging time on our planet represents… Including conspiracy theories, mandated global vaccines, viruses created as a weapon of war and destruction… 

How do we find peace and joy during this time of confusion, isolation, chaos and fear…. during this time of lack of understanding about what our future holds? 

Yesterday we prayed about our experience of entering the Unknown with a sense of positive expectation about new potential and our intentions creating our future… A new World! Non-resistance to what is so that the outcome can be supportive to the healing journey that we are all on.  

The modern science of quantum physics validates a powerful connection between our inner and outer worlds… This concept EMPOWERS us! 

Our faith links these 2 Worlds… We continually Co-create our outer world by what is being experienced inwardly… By our focus and our reassuring thoughts. Where are you putting your attention? The answer to that question reveals what you are creating. 

Father Mother God we are grateful that so many destructive patterns… individually and globally…. will be broken and replaced with greater wisdom and compassion. 

This is one of the many gifts and opportunities that they are being expressed in the Unknown… which is the place we all reside right now.

For some this is comfortable and for some it is not. Either way, we are all still there. 

Most countries and most of us… have no presidents for this vast Unknown that we are experiencing. It is a fertile and empty space and we must be very AWARE as we contribute to humanity filling it. 

As we fill this vast fertile Unknown with our future our world we are giving birth to a new humanity…..our labor has already begun. More than at any other time in history the choice of outcome as ours. 

 As I call your name please tell us what you are filling this vast Unknown with….. personally and for our world. 

Our present exposure to new ideas and experiences prevent us from ever going back to the way things were… Praise God! 

I hear people say… When we get back to normal… Are you serious?? The old normal is long gone we are now in the process of choosing a brand new normal. Our choices right now must be made with intention, clarity, justice, love, compassion for all…  

We are doing that together In our daily prayer… our prayer more power than we could ever imagine! We are linking ourselves to the Divine in this daily prayer…. and to the peace, love, compassion and joy that is within us…. and is being expressed as well as created globally in the outer world NOW! 




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