006 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Audio of Universal Prayer

by Alexis Summerfield, M.A. | click on arrow

Father Mother God we are so grateful to have this time together as your faithful for servants, to be of assistance and to send healing prayers to so many in our world. 

There is an amazing magical, powerful, purifying River of Life moving through the passages of time …..it is eternal and it has appeared to us today. It is prepared to be of service now. 

This river is bringing us peace, purification, compassion, good health, abundance, freedom from fear. It is ready to serve our whole and planet, our families and all of humanity. 

It is sparkling with life. Notice its color… is it blue, is it clear, is it vibrant? Is it smooth or do you see the waves sparkle in the sunlight. Can you see the powerful currents PULSATING through it to be of service at this time on planet earth? The currents are an amazing force of divine power. 

This River is moving and it is powerful… It is moving through the United States and it is washing over and purifying the people who are ill …..it is purifying all surfaces….. it is purifying the air… It is purifying our bodies and our hearts…..The lungs… the throat…. the digestive system of every person…The minds and emotions of so many……It is the prayer of the faithful in action and it is happening now. 

This powerful River of Life is moving through North America…. South America and purifying the oceans around it ….purifying all oceans, all rivers and all continents. This powerful purifying river washes over the United Kingdom, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, the Middle East and all of Europe… All of the islands of the sea. 

Now it is moving through the economic system of the United States. It is bringing abundance and prosperity to all …it is moving through the economic system of every country on our planet and bringing abundance and prosperity and justice. 

It is moving through every hospital and every home. 

Because we have gathered together… It needs and fully receives our intention and faith to accomplish its task…… this divine power is fueled by our faithful love….  to accomplish so many needs on our planet now. It is moving through the elected politicians of our planet, The White House, President Trump, Congress, The House of Representatives to assist them in making good decisions. 

It is now purifying and moving through all of the leaders of all of our countries to assist them in making good decisions for their people and for the world. 

Where else is this divine light moving… What else is it purifying? Please include your prayerful intention….. 




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