007 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Father Mother God we are grateful… 

At this amazing and very challenging moment in history…. individually and as a planet we are rapidly revamping our reality …..in the blink of an eye! 

We are in the midst of a vast planetary shift as we all revalue and renew the world around us. 

How interesting that we are all called to separate from our world as we knew it and isolate ourselves… All of us! 

Will we awaken individually and as a planet from this detachment from our previous norm? 

Will millions of people AWAKEN all at one time?

What amazing results will that produce?! 

Historically, isolation has been used to change behavior… Prison, convent or Ashram…

If a child misbehaves… Go to your room! 

In this massive awakening our egos let go and the High Self or Spirit within …rises up within each of us… Will it rise up within everyone on our planet?! All at once?! 

Suddenly there’s a new Reality… A new planetary reality…Would we want to or even be able to go back to our old vibration? Most definitely a new global perspective of potentially is coming to light. 

We will create as an outpouring of our true nature …..rather than from ego… Could this really happen? Well, a month ago could we ever have believed that everyone in the world would be told to stay home for an indefinite time period? 

Dramatic change generates more dramatic change… Again… We will create from an outpouring of our true nature.. from the divinity within us. 

We are all potentiality…. in resonance with truth and a new justice… That new order is a replication of the cosmic order rather than unjust man-made laws and rules because we have separated from that. We have been isolated for a period of time. We will have separated long enough to return to a new world with a whole new perspective. 

It seems appropriate to ask ….will this happen for everyone or will some go back to egocentric mis-creation… ? 

Will those of us who awakened allow mis-creation to rule us again? Will we allow it for our planet and all humanity? Will we allow the unjust to control and manipulate us, our future and future generations?  

There will be new heroes and new heroines and they will rise up during this awakening with new clarity and new visions that are aligned with Innate intelligence, and they will clamor for peace, equality and justice!  

Will you be at their side! 

Are you one of the heroes or heroines? 




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