008 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Father Mother God we are so grateful for your support as we realize how important it is to stay at a high vibration during this time. This high vibration supports ourselves, our immune system and our world.  

The positive attitude we have all attested to for so long has become a tool now……. and it propels us to support our planet into greater light during this time of awakening! 

How easy it is to allow the mass media to overwhelm us with despair and hopelessness. Father Mother God we refine all that we receive so that we remain positive about our future. 

We are all the bearers of light that you have called us to be! 

We keep our Source Light bright and become “way showers”… Inspired by the many possibilities of supportive new creations that will come into New World facilitating and inspiring greater compassion and justice for all. 

As we keep our vibration high….individually and as a planet…. Mis-creation cannot be expressed. Mis-creation represents a vibration of control, manipulation, inequality, sacrifice and loss. This misalignment of potential cannot exist in the high vibration of Source Light that we all potentially carry….. that our world is now birthing within each and every person. 

As we remain aligned with Spirit and the Innate Intelligence of natural order our world rises up to its new vibration. The momentum keeps us wide-eyed at the possibilities of our awakening potential!  

That momentum and inspiration generates ever expanding Source Light that is so needed now by the people and leaders of our planet…

It is our birthright. 

Lord, we are grateful for free will and our dominion over our thoughts and actions as we become deliberate creators with and within this powerful Source Light that is available to all of us ….always. 

We see, feel and visualize the soul power of that light…. as it creates protection around us. We are protected from the fear mass media carries and creates. The fear that potentially can lower our vibration when it is so essential for us all to remain beacons of light. We filter out the fear and receive only needed information. 

As a planet and humanity we are discovering our divinity and bringing it to a whole new level …we are launching a new future in a New World right now… The labor and the birthing has begun and it is difficult and painful…. but we are staying in Source Light as it connects us to living this life with fearlessness. It provides for us as we become an expanded expression high vibrational free-will and an evolved and conscious species co-creating with Divine Light. 

We send this global message of light and love out to every heart of every person … May each one receive this message of the birthing of an inspired and magnificent future ….. May it quell any fear that resides within. May we all continue to expand to our fullest potential of justice and compassion, health and healing, equality and generosity. 

Together we say AMEN to love, gratitude and a high expectation for our amazing future…  




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