029 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

The unknown. We have entered unknown territory and we are grateful for your guidance. 

Most of us have some trepidation about the dark. We come into this world from a timeless place of unconditional love and support, and we are delivered into a reality of uncertainty and potential for suffering or pain. 

At a deeper level there is also a very strong need to know. We click on lights to make sure there aren’t any difficulties lurking….. ready to pounce on us! 

A shamanic author and teacher Jose Stevens says that we are now in the Kali Yuga was which is the deepest and darkest of times just before dawns earliest light…. 

He wrote in an article ….the wrecking ball is out and we are deconstructing our world during this chaotic time of dissolution and lack of clarity, uncertainty and unpredictability. Will there be an ecosystem left to support us or is it all going down? 

We need to become like the blind person who gets used to the dark. From there we can walk powerfully into the light and redirect our focus on the many new possibilities that will come to the surface because of this very challenging time. 

What I am, and what you are will change, will evolve…. because everything is impermanent. If we embrace change and transformation without any resistance we have the opportunity to move into the amazing experience of allowing. This will move us forward. It is the pathway to non-resistance as it allows no limit and creates awareness that has potential in our present circumstance to create a bifurcation point and a new solution orientation for so many of the difficulties on our planet…long established before the quarantine…before we were “sent to our room.” 

Famous historian and author Daniel Boorstin said the greatest obstacle to discovery is the illusion of knowledge. All the great discoveries according to Bernstein were able to reveal something radically new about the world because someone was willing “not to know… “ To trade the certainty of the known for the illusive unknown. 

There’s a beauty and fascination to the unknown. It can be a fearful and scary place or…. it can be a deep well of mystery and potential.  

Wisdom rises up from this deep well of the unknown because we allow this fertile void….. which is the source of all….. to entrance us and teach us.  

I did a storyline and asked our Lighthouse “What does humanity need to learn from the unknown in 2020. What do you and I need to learn to create a more productive and happy life?” 

Join me as we bring the storyline to life…. 

I see an old wooden dock on high stilts. It is very dark. The water looks black and deep. I see something black moving under the dock. I felt fear because I know the power of dark energy and have been impacted by it many times….. I thought maybe I should shut the storyline down and start a new one. But since our prayer today is all about the unknown and then process of allowing…. I decided to keep going and learn. 

We love you…please love us…we accept you.. please accept us…we forgive you…please forgive us…OM OM OM 

I was sitting on my couch with my eyes closed while doing this storyline… and with my third eye…. now I see someone standing in front of me/us….. I realize he is a guide and I/we have nothing to fear. Open your third eye and see him…or… feel his presence. 

Now he is leading ALL of us to a mountaintop. There is a monastery there and he shows us something like hieroglyphics on the walls. We look at them and understand. The world is created anew each moment…. as something created out of nothing. We are not afraid. 

The unknown and the unfamiliar is not a threat. The coronavirus has created a space for us to look into the vast unknown without fear and without answers… because any answers we have now ….are only born of the past …from our global apathy, injustice and lack of compassion for so many.. But rather, the unknown arrives with the vitality of a new global future. 

Each of you can individually explore the unknown through your journey back from the monastery on the mountain.  

It is all unknown. You will have about a minute at the end of this storyline to explore and see if you can find something for yourself In this unknown magical place. Something to guide you…It might be an object that you bring back with you or something you see there in the unknown… in the Void. At this point you don’t know what it is or what it  means… You don’t know the potential it carries for you but you’ve made this journey into the void and that will be your exploration.  

Allow it to guide you without jumping in, without already knowing what it offers. If you do, you will end up knowing what you thought you did not know… and you will remember. And we will send this wisdom to all humanity. 

In God’s Light




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