036 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Card for yesterday: The dead end 

“The end that you face is very much a beginning. There are doors opening all around you. Just not the one you planned on walking through. If you’re honest and courageous enough to except, adjust and adapt the dead end becomes known as life‘s beginning.” 

From the third dimension to the fifth and from the known to the unknown. 

Yesterday we had quite an experience!

Our golden Orbs transformed into vortexes and we were able to focus and direct our energy and beams of Lighthouses in certain places. Some went to the ocean and some went to the stars! Some went to the (homeless) camps in Oakland… 

When I looked into the Golden Orb… it became a vortex it was like a movie inside and it became very clear. First I saw the ocean and then I saw a market. I saw a very strange energy that was very destructive and it was captured and put into a cage. Then it transformed through the Lighthouse beaming 5th dimensional energy into it and transformed into a beautiful green parakeet in a small cage.  The door opened and it flew away and lives and serves now at a very high vibration.  

I felt that the destructive energy was the virus and the market was where it was probably created…. and I saw it transform. I had a hard time rationalizing that…. so I crossed over the Hummingbird Bridge to be able to believe what happened and now I do! 

As we have integrated and activated the fifth dimension we have the capacity to direct our Lighthouses so that they can assist humanity achieve higher levels of consciousness and self actualize. Humanity can truly experience a Oneness with the Universe and each other that creates a high vibration of compassion, justice, abundance for all and good health. 

So now we are focusing on something called unity consciousness. Unity consciousness from the standpoint of Quantum Physics suggests that the conscious and unconscious create a union … So that’s a known (consciousness and 3D)  and the unknown (unconscious and 5D) now creating a supportive union.  

Today I would like us to take this phrase into our journey into the fifth dimension and activate our Lighthouses w “I Am That I Am” ….WE are One with the Divine and it is our intention that the known which is the third dimension and the unknown which is the fifth dimension divinely align supporting our transition to a non-toxic, compassionate, wise, just, supportive and healthy planet.

In God’s Light



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