043 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Yesterday in our prayer we began again the shape shifting process of transforming and activating the 5th Dimension in different areas of our world. The oceans, the forest, ….. the virus… 

What is the collective dream for our world…  in 2020 as we move forward into a new decade? 

Is our collective dream a world recovering from financial loss, disease and fear, or is it a world that has an expectation of amazing new opportunities manifesting from the powerful transformation that is happening now? It may still be the seed under the earth that hasn’t sprouted yet, but it will! You and I continue to nourish and water this seed… 

The first step to shape shifting is to understand the significance of our collective and personal dream… 

The shape shifter must always be able to recognize the difference between a dream and a fantasy. This is part of the intent that we must hold in order to focus and create a force through our consciousness and the power of our Lighthouses…. which as you know, are constructs of consciousness that now have become a force to assist the Fifth Dimension’s evolution and manifestation on our planet. 

Once we distinguish between the fantasy and the dream, we establish a strong intent ….turning the dream into a reality. 

Dreams are the future expectations that we turn into reality… Fantasies are not. The trouble is … often we have difficulty making the distinction and our intent becomes muddled… So then the fantasies become reality. 

In shape shifting energy changes its nature to conform with that of the other. The third dimension and the linear difficulties we are facing now conform with the Fifth so that we can move to a higher level consciousness, awareness and right action. 

How were we … How are we manifesting the global fantasy thinking we could continue the massive injustices on our planet, continue to pollute our world, our bodies and maintain a healthy abundant lifestyle into our glorious future?  

It seems that we were creating fertile ground for a few elite groups to wield their wealth and dominance over the masses. 

We have prayed in our prayers about Oneness and there is an amazing power and bliss that comes from an experience of shape shifting our desire for Oneness with the Divine Powers of the Universe. In this way we release any selfishness and fear … We are protected and strong because we are ONE with this supportive Universal Power through the strength of our intent.  

This power supports Mother Earth and humanity at this point of bifurcation. We move forward in as a healthy, abundant, compassionate global experience. Our intent is based on this dream that we visualize and believe as we raise our frequency to the Fifth Dimension.. And the ascension that has been prophesied by every major faith in the world plus all of the indigenous cultures becomes here and now!

In God’s Light



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