044 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Kairos is known as mythic time. This card suggests that there’s a secondary time continuum that goes beyond earthly clocks and schedules. Within this nonlinear realm we access divine timing. No earthly clock can guide us… We wait for the rush of the inner knowing and not a moment longer! 

The Internet definition is that Kairos refers to the opportune time or place… The example that they give is Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr‘s famous speech ….“ I have a dream” 

Of course… Our prayer yesterday, if you remember was about activating “the dream” and deactivating the fantasy of our third dimensional linear issues. In our prayers we are activating the collective dream… Ours is the world recovering from disease, financial loss and fear and moving into a world that has an expectation of amazing opportunities manifesting from the powerful awakening that is happening now! This is the collective dream that heals. 

John Perkins information and book on shape shifting reveals his experience of having to move into the dream that caused his particular sickness so that it could transform. 

We will do that in our meditation through the power of the lighthouses and our Jaguar…

Both have become a force of consciousness just as has the fifth dimension. All are here to be of service to an awakening planet. 


The Jaguar will direct energy from his mouth into your heart now….. it is powerful  and filled with love and peace…. filled with right action 

And now you, if you are willing…. He opens his mouth wide and you blow your intention into his mouth. 

You will receive what he is here to share. 

In God’s Light



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