045 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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We have been working this week with shape shifting… And with our Jaguar! 

As we have put more awareness and intent into the Jaguar he has become more conscious and more aware of himself and therefore more able to be of service in his purpose of transforming fear into right action. 

Our world is changing like never before…. when we transition through shape shifting the change endures because the intent is powerful, positive and strong. 

Shape shifting is transformation or transmutation… In our process it is transmutation of third dimensional energy into the cosmic energy of the Fifth Dimension so it can return benefit to us as we transition globally into this higher level of consciousness. 

As we know…. this has been prophesied for thousands of years in every major religion in the world plus the indigenous tribes…. and so those of us …. like you and I who can recognize this… are called to “dream it into reality” on a personal level as well as assisting the collective dream to manifest. 

The Fifth Dimension contains the real dream… As we “Touch the Jaguar” and activate right action, justice and compassion at a whole new frequency….and at a common level of consciousness that is available for ALL to experience.  

Of course at some point ALL will be asked to leave their fear behind…and trade it in for a higher existence. The Jaguar encourages us to manifest this dream because as a force of consciousness for right action it is HIS destiny… and it is OURS. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech “I have a Dream” is a wonderful example of how powerful a collective dream can be, how it can be accepted by the masses and how deeply a powerful dream can change reality. If you listen you will hear Dr King say those words…they are emblazoned in the collective consciousness and our dream for a just and incorruptible future. 

Our dreams form the basis for our perceptions, attitudes, emotions, motivations and actions. 

As we know…. when people remain in fear, the dream becomes muddled and an unproductive fantasy emerges as a negative reality that does not support our global awakening. An unsustainable reality that pollutes and challenges environmental oneness and healthy lives. 

Our individual dreams affect the course of our lives… the collective dream determines the future of our civilization.  

According to John Perkins Author, activist and economist who wrote the book on “Touching the Jaguar”, shape shifting and dreaming etc., clearly states that perception is the single most important factor in shaping our future. 

The world has been dominated by a materialistic dream for hundreds of years and those countries that do not share that dream have been labeled underdeveloped… or Third World countries…. And then, losing their sacred traditions…. they have become that. This is not the “dream” that honors humanity and propels us forward …it is a destructive fantasy that serves materialistic values of an elite minority. 

Our world…. as well as what we have labeled the Third World suffers the consequences of vanishing forests, polluted air and poisoned water resulting in ill health created by a dominating materialistic mentality. This comment is not only directed at the heath issues caused by COVID-19 but directed at modern society’s plagues of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. 

Have we become the victims of shortsighted leaders who have molded our dreams into fantasies? Is this the time in history when this mentality is to be revealed as an unsustainable and profit-oriented scheme? 

In our prayer today we will interact with our Jaguar as he continues to assist us in reducing our level of fear so that people can shift their perception… and their dream… into an exciting future full of promise and new ideologies as humanity evolves.

In God’s Light



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