046 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Well it seems we have a power animal… And I feel that we absolutely must utilize this amazing gift that’s come to us especially after the experience and the animal card on Friday. 

There is no separation between other dimensions of existence and ours. Any separation is only a matter of perception. After so many centuries of exposure to rhetoric and dogma that tells us otherwise… we have acquired a belief in the separation between humanity and animals. A separation between each of us as spirit and the spirit of animals… 

Working with a power animal can be an amazing experience that recharges personal power. We are creating a relationship with our Jaguar that offers the benefit of an amazing spiritual experience and a great service to our planet during this difficult time especially as we do it together. 

In Shamanism there is something called non-ordinary reality… It is a supernatural place where we can connect to spirits and experience past, present and future simultaneously. We have been experiencing non-ordinary reality during our meditations.  It is a place of multiple dimensions… It is a place of magic and miracles. 

Traditionally Shaman‘s shift into a trance like state in order to connect with different realities for the purpose of benefit and healing. We are doing this in our meditations as we lift the veil and enter into the fifth dimension…. Which is non-ordinary reality that is becoming real. 

In the book that I’m reading about this material which is called “The Shamans Guide to Power Animals” by Lori Morrison …. she mentions Machu Picchu and Sedona being a place where the veil is thinner. Of course I am in Sedona and we are utilizing this energy for our meditation. 

Shamans… For more than 40,000 years around the world they have been practicing the art of healing and divination with power animals. They often merge with power animals as partners in accomplishing mystical tasks. 

To partner with a power animal we must first be aware of them and begin a relationship. We have done this with our Jaguar. Power animals always choose the person not the other way around. 

We have been chosen. They often come from an advanced spiritual dimension and their purpose is to serve humanity and help us to raise our consciousness. 

In the past I have had many different encounters with power animals and plants. One very profound one was with a red dragonfly that lighted on the tip of my car antenna and stayed for a very long time affecting my consciousness… This was a time when I was very involved with Red Tara rituals in my women’s group. Om Tara Tam Soha. 

The Jaguar as a power animal has specific purposes. He is here to assist us to release fear. 

His essence transmits….”To find the truth, you must be open to all possibilities; you’ll find it in the great unknown. This is the energy of Jaguar.” 

Only 6% of Jaguars are black. Ours is black. He has no predators other than humans and he is able to see in the dark six times better than we do. Because he is at the top of the food chain… Jaguar represents the conquering of fear and the ability to walk the world with confidence. The Jaguar protects us from evil and negativity and moves through the spirit world without being detected as he’s able to be a guide to the mysterious… Our unknown. 

This power animal has the ability to clear fear and make it possible to trust the Universe for resolutions. Anyone going through a spiritual awakening may ask to be accompanied by the Jaguar who is masterful at supporting us in the opening up of our gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance.  

All of humanity is going through an awakening just as you and I are doing individually…  

The Jaguar has a mirroring behind his retina that can enable him to perceive disease as he removes unwanted energy and attachments. He can do that for us individually and also for our world. He is here to be of service in that way. 

As humanity goes through this dark night of the soul… Jaguar reminds us not to resist the process of finding spiritual riches within ourselves.

Our Gems! 

Today we will utilize our power relationship with the Jaguar to assist humanity to recognize that this awakening is happening, not to be afraid and to have complete trust in the Universe as we shift into the New World. 

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In God’s Light



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