047 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Michael Mead is a famous author of more than a half a dozen books and is a cultural mythologist…  He is the founder of the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation… A Seattle-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and cultural healing throughout our world. 

Fata in Latin.. means a fated destiny, spoken by the gods….The ancients believed that fate appears as the original web of life …..like a fine thread that weaves each of us into the world of time and space at birth and carries a sense of vitality waiting at the end of every life journey. Like a prediction made at the beginning of life. 

What prediction would be made of you at birth… Of me… Of the United States of America? Of our civilization on planet earth? 

Ancient philosophers like Novalis and Plato state that our soul is wedded to our secret fate which is inscribed within it tying us to eternity. Like a fine filament of gold that makes each life unique… inherently noble and meaningful from the very beginning. 

This indelible golden thread measures the inner shape of our lives and is felt at fateful moments and at critical turning points. 

At this time in history we are at a critical turning point individually as well as as a country… and globally. The magnificent unknown is right before us now. 

On July 4, 1776 the United States of America became an independent nation. There is a sense of fate and a golden thread woven through our history and our connection to the eternal. According to Michael Mead, fate is the territory we must go to if we are to awaken to our inner destiny. 

Fate includes the dark night of the soul when we feel most lost and it also holds the key to unlock the areas of our lives that are our true destination.  

This is true for ourselves individually, as a nation and for civilization on this planet. 

We are here right now and through this understanding of our connection to eternity, we hold the key of our destiny. 

Fate always seeks its mysterious unfolding… beginning with the Divine seed fate and destiny to create a dynamic tension that makes each life meaningful and purposeful. 

The paradoxical nature of faith includes a sense of the inevitable and the shock of the unexpected… Fate is the accident that is not an accident or coincidence; it is more than coincidental… We might see it as a synchronistic occurrence where the unexpected and the expected coincide.

We are aware of the prophecies throughout history that proclaim a global awakening and rebooting between 2012 and 2020. Something was expected…. 

Fate appears in those meaningful issues and events that we don’t necessarily choose but once they are in our lives there is no going back.

We cannot refuse fate and live on our purposeful destiny. 

What is your destiny and what is your part in our immediate global experience? The fate of the United States of America is to provide an oasis of freedom for its inhabitants and to rebuke tyranny in other countries. 

Our destiny Involves an irreversible process of becoming from within…. and dedicating ourselves to the primary agreement our souls made before birth… The soul of the United States of America has made. 

 Many are concerned about our future and our personal freedom being challenged ….especially around a mandated unproven and untested vaccine. 

The United States of America as well as you and I had a beautiful golden seed planted at our birth and it continues to connect us to our golden fate and expressed destiny. 

Today in our meditation….we are going to raise the frequency, both in the United States and other countries in our world, to raise the frequency so that we make high vibrational choices so that we all travel the high road as we weave our way through our challenges and fulfill our destiny with more equality, higher education for all, abundance and success opportunities for everyone, support of the people by the governments, etc.

In God’s Light



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