048 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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We are continuing with some of the information from Michael Mead’s Book on fate and destiny and the agreements our soul makes with each.  

The first agreement, the soul and the “divine errand” forms the inner meaning of each life… Our life and the life and vital expression of our country and our global civilization. The mystery of fate speaks to us everywhere and the possibility of destiny can appear from anywhere! 

It seems to be our mutual fate to be living during a time of great upheaval and sweeping change. 

As individuals and as a world we are much more exposed to the unknown and less to the tapestry of the world as we knew it. 

There are many ways to perceive and interpret the many dramatic changes that are underway right now but no easy way to see where we are going or where we will end up. 

There is no way to avoid this current crisis in our culture as well as the radical changes in nature and our pollution situation. There are no sudden remedies for the tragedies and losses that have occurred, however there may be no better time to learn the inner story that our souls carry and the soul of our world carries and find ways to be the ways we are intended to be in this increasingly uncertain world. 

We contribute from the gifts and characteristics contained within the golden seed we were born with. We continue to stay connected to that golden thread to the universe so that we can find our way and serve our destiny. This is true for each of us individually, for our whole country and whole our civilization. 

As the story of our world becomes more ambiguous, we need to look at the unfolding of the purpose within it as well as the larger tapestry design, and not just a small area of threaded cloth. 

What is being revealed to us from this global pandemic? It is important that we recognize the inner story and look at the patterns in history.  

We all know that since 2012 there have been tremendous exposures including those within the Catholic Church, within football and other sports, within the movie industry, within the banks and mortgage business, now… Within the FDA and the elite that rule the masses. 

The inner story… The unfolding of the soul of our planet and ourselves requires an inner drama so it can reveal its inner myth and with it it’s surprising capacity for renewal.

What mysteries of fate lie ahead for us as individuals… As a civilization? 

In mythology, renewal and revelation depend on some great obstacle, an impossible task to call forth the resources of heroines and heroes… 

This is a time to support positive life-giving change … To transform apathy… in order to bring the resources of the soul to the surface as we awaken individually and as a civilization! 

Fate… Has touched us all deeply as we recognize that we are at a crossroads that has the potential to provoke deep awakening to the unique way that we were intended to live… 

That is our destiny… Individually and as a civilization.

In God’s Light



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