049 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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More from Michael Meade …This time on his book called “Why the world doesn’t end.” 

Is this the apocalypse? Are we in it now?! 

The Greek term apokalypsis” is the root word that means to reveal, to uncover, and to discover! 

On Friday we spoke of the astrological plutonian pattern from 2012 to 2020 directed at the cleaning out of the abuses in the Catholic Church, the National football league and other sports organizations, the Weinstein’s in Hollywood, …Issues around the major influence of soulless corporations on society, monetary misuse of the banks and mortgage companies, pollution, depleting our natural resources, pandemics! 

Now we’re at what might be close to the bottom of the barrel as Pluto begins to clean out monetary imbalance exemplified by the elite 1%, vaccines and human rights, unlawful expressions of Federal and government authority and more. 

That’s quite a list! 

Another root meaning of Apocalypse is to lift the veil, to reveal what was concealed, to disclose what has been hidden behind closed doors, to uncover what was covered.  

Isn’t that what’s been going on for the last 12 years? Isn’t it all being revealed! 

The apocalypse refers to what happens when the web of life loosens and the veil lifts so that the underlying forces of life become more transparent. Although this may also be more than we want to see.  

You and I seem to have a similar fate since we have somehow chosen to be alive during this time of great upheaval and radical change. 

Old structures collapse and vital systems fall apart… yet other patterns, barely imagined are on the verge of being revealed …..and this is happening right now! 

The paradox of the apocalypse … continues to express itself as a final ending and at the very same time the dawning of a New Age that has more of the characteristics of Paradise or Heaven on Earth. 

We are all witnesses… Willing or unwilling as this unraveling and dissolving of old paradigms generates profound levels of uncertainty as we try to view our future. There must be enough endings in order for the new to begin. There is a winding down of the old so that the new can begin to take hold. 

Something deep and meaningful is trying to catch up to us… Something subtle and enduring about the world…. as it tries to remember and be rediscovered. It seems that it takes some big difficulty to awaken it and we are there. 

Disorientation and disorder are essential aspects of the apocalyptic revelation and renewal. Our grand and amazing story of the end times are connected to the roots of eternity so that amazing new patterns can emerge and new experiences in life are waiting to be found and become known… 

We are living in a paradox at this moment… living in a wondrous as well as daunting drama that is unfolding before us and within us.  

There is an emerging New World rising to the surface…. if we could but see it. But even if we can’t see it we can have absolute faith and we can know that there is a seed about ready to break ground.  As the frequency of the 5th dimension shines its light upon it …you and I are the witnesses to the eminent emergence of an new era….an amazing new world. 

Today, you and I, our jaguar and our Lighthouses with the full support of Father Mother God and the 5th Dimension will plant the golden seeds throughout our planet so that this new world can emerge in the blink of an eye!

In God’s Light



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