050 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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On Monday we looked at the definition of apocalypse and our participation in it globally… and as individuals. Apocalypse is to lift the veil, to reveal what was concealed, to disclose what has been hidden behind closed doors. Can “our experience” of the Global awakening and the pandemic alone give us meaning… ?? 

Only when a story connects the dots to create a pattern or a profound understanding can we begin to see what life changing events actually mean to a transitioning world and to our own personal evolution. 

I have always been a storyteller because stories help teach us who we are…. and where and how we fit into an event. 

The modern western world has lost the shared myths that give us a vision of the truth, the meaning and the path forward that it creates for us. Myths are not necessarily stories of the past ..they can be symbolic stories of a present situation that reveals meaning and offers solutions to unresolved polarities.. In our prayers and in the situation today we pretty much have the media informing us helter-skelter and to my knowledge, there is no sense of community support or examples of a positive outlook being offered to the masses. 

Myths can potentially make sense of an experience like our pandemic and our global awakening so that our world and each of us can find our place in it… why we are there…..and uncover what it means for us…. so that the evolutionary process continues in a positive direction without fear. 

If our situation is an event of great importance…like we are in now…. we may even find a soul lesson is hidden within our myth globally and individually. Faith, imagination and creativity supply an opportunity when it is most needed…. to experience and receive the abundance of gifts offered in a critical situation because of the potential for change. We are there now. 

Myths become very valuable when life becomes chaotic and no one seems to know which way to turn. Myths reveal that which cannot be seen or grasped by reason alone. They keep us alive when all else seems lost. They give us the answers we need to find understanding, peace and movement forward. 

The presence of the Apocalypse means that any issue can quickly become a polarizing dilemma and the irrationality that it produces can divide people into entrenched opposites. As opposites intensify …. choices need to be made. The issue of a mandatory vaccine could create this kind of polarization. Choosing a president or leader, choosing to go back to work or stay home, wearing or not wearing a mask when in a public place are other examples of polarization. 

A myth can bring awareness of the meaning of these opposites creating a unifying third. 

The unifying third gives rise to a creative solution. 

A solution can only arise when the basic split in the world is “touched” and this surprising and unifying third emerges as an answer….  a true solution for genuine change and meaningful transformation. 

There was a very tall lighthouse near a rocky shore. The waves were usually quite rough. One day there was a huge storm and the lighthouse was prepared to assist any travelers that needed to be shown the way through the rocky shoreline. 

A boat was coming and the lighthouse beamed its powerful light to be of assistance… suddenly the light failed and everything was dark. 

There was panic and chaos on the boat and the situation was dire. The boat was facing possible calamity. There was no way to find their way through the treacherous rocks and watery shoreline in the dark and windy storm. 

Decisions needed to be made… They could go further out to sea …but the storm was even stronger out there… Should they put life rafts into the choppy dark water and take their chances with the rocky shoreline? The boat is a symbol of our planet’s apocalypse… Where is the answer? 

They heard a loud roar that bellowed strength and courage… they caught fleeting signs of a huge jaguar scaling the lighthouse! He had a golden thread around his neck and a golden seed dangling from it. Even in the distance the golden seed was like the brightest star ready to show the way! 

The Jaguar and the Golden Seed in this myth is the unifying third that illuminates the chaos and panic, the danger and calamity… with a potential to transform it into a meaningful adventure.  

You are on the Jaguar’s back as he scales the lighthouse walls  … How does he create a transformation in the situation? 

Finish the myth in your imagination and generate a unified third that will save the day… Save our planet!

In God’s Light



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