051 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Life roars at us when it wants or needs change… We have been roared at! Globally and individually… 

Wednesday in our meditation our Jaguar Roared And the cosmos responded by bringing light onto our planet… we all experienced this light by the stars, angels and the moon that appeared in our last meditation… Our boat was a symbol of that process. And the story represented our challenging global situation and the universe shifted the vibration so the Light showed us the way out of danger. This happened for humanity and for our planet. 

Change is some kind of a transformation or shift from one form to another… And that involves the magic of creation! In the past two months we have entered into the creation process as we activated consciousness and focus and constructed thousands of light houses that are of service to our cause and a power animal that is ready to serve our awakening planet.  He wears a golden thread and seed around his neck. 

The threat of the end of the world can be viewed as an old lion that’s roared many times and has never experienced the fatal blow… Yet the possibility of now being “the end of the world” as we know it …needs to be acknowledged so that we can find and open new pathways of survival and threads of renewal.  

We need to run towards the roar and not away from it and face up to the essential crisis and transformations that need to be implemented so that we remain free and justice reigns on this beautiful planet we call home. 

Do we still have soul.. As a country… Globally… Individually? Have we experienced a loss of soul in our modern technological lives? 

It is the soul within us that connects us with the meaningful, beautiful and truly rich aspects of life. The threads of renewal that create a magnificent tapestry.  

Our personal authenticity relates to our inner nature and unique value experienced by ourselves first… And then the world around us as we find ways to be of service to this awakening planet and the renewal that is coming. 

It is easy to say that our modern world has a tremendous loss of soul because of corporations and technology devoid of heart…. but if we are going awaken as a planet and an evolving species it has to be our individual authenticity that generates potential for the Fifth Dimension to take hold. The Fifth Dimension can be the unifying third that we worked with on Wednesday in our prayer. 

Soul holds body and mind, individual and collective together. When it rises up, a life altering change can manifest. 

When the soul rises up we feel deeply, and we know whether we are on course individually and as a planet.  

It can be seen as a single vein or a vital thread that holds things together. 

Together, we will weave together humanity with our conscious evolution so that at the very perfect moment the transformational awakening is experienced and that we are ready in the blink of an eye!

In God’s Light



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