052 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Last week we talked about mythology and the power that storytelling offers because it gives meaning to seemingly disconnected experiences. 

Through myths we have the opportunity to re-imagine our world and unlock treasures through the divine act of re-mythologizing …..and experience a change of direction so that a new possibility is created and then acted upon to evoke a new reality. 

Myths and metaphors recast or redesign the fabric of an experience as we evoke a breakthrough into a transformation of a new and intentional creation and evolution of consciousness for ourselves and for our culture. 

We are all participants in the creation of whatever is going to happen next on this planet……and we have no capacity to separate ourselves from the destiny of the planet we live on. 

Michael Meade speaks of a mythological concept of “Weaving the World” in his book called “The World Does Not End”, that the old people of different indigenous tribes have gained knowledge and solace from when big difficulties arise. 

There is a cave of knowledge that exists and can continually be discovered and rediscovered. It is tucked away on the side of a mountain somewhere, inter-dimensionally on our planet… In our meditation we will go there…. but first I will tell you about the cave. 

There is an old woman in this cave who remains unaffected by the rush of time and the confusion of daily life… She attends to other things as she has a deep capacity for vision and a longer sense of time. 

She spends most of her days and nights weaving in the cave where light and dark shadows play. She wants to create the most beautiful garment in the whole world and she has been working on this project for a very long time and she has reached the point of making the fringe for an exquisitely designed cloak. 

The only thing that interrupts her weaving is that she also stirs a cauldron of seeds and roots that become the greens and the plants and the herbs that sprout up all over the Earth. 

She goes back-and-forth between the two tasks… There’s a black dog that watches her every move. He is seemingly asleep but awakens as soon as the old weaver turns her attention from one task to the other. From her weaving to her cauldron. 

As she begins to stir the soup the black dog moves to where the weaving lies on the floor of the cave ..he picks up a loose thread with his teeth and begins pulling on it. 

As he pulls the loose thread the beautiful garment begins to unravel …..as the great stew was being stirred the elegant garment comes apart and becomes a chaotic mess on the floor. 

She stares intently at the tangle of undone threads and distorted patterns and after a while she picks up one of the loose threads and begins to weave the whole thing again. 

She begins again to imagine the most beautiful garment in the whole world as she weaves new visions and elegant designs, new opportunities and inventions and many new blessings into this garment that represents our world situation. Her old hands begin to knowingly give the garment a vibrant shape. She forgets about the cloak she was previously weaving as she concentrates….capturing a new design and weaving it into the most beautiful garment in the world ….The most beautiful WORLD! 

This is the tale the old ones in indigenous tribes told each other to remind themselves and instruct others how to deal with chaos, when the ends of creation frays and unravels. 

The old people called this weaver “the old woman of the world” as she weaves the threads of existence. The ancient stew of seeds and roots is representative of the living super creation that needs to be stirred again and again or else it will stagnate and spoil.  

Our world continues to shape shift….. devolving and evolving at the very same time…destruction of the old creating new expressions in the existence of life. The problems, fear and uncertainty of this world are looked at from a different perspective as we live through tragedies…. and survive chaos and dissolution……while continually expressing faith and appreciation that a new cloak that is being woven at the very same time.

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