058 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

This information is from a book called Mary Magdalene Revealed… And interesting that it is not written by a Christian. It is written by a feminist. 

The Gospel of Mary was excluded in Christianity. If it had not been, the religion we know as Christianity may have turned out quite differently. Even though this gospel was a contemporary with the gospel of John, the first printing of it was 2000 years later in 1955. 

In her Gospel, Mary Magdalene writes that the eye of the heart is the vision or the perception used by the soul to discern what’s real, what’s actually true. And when we perceive in this fashion, no one can have power over us. I found this to be an interesting proclamation. 

This is a personal message for each of us… But today we are here to serve the planet and the heart of humanity has the ability to perceive the truth as well… And no one shall have power over us! 

The ascension in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene is more accurately a descent  into the heart … So farther up is actually….. further in. 

“The eye of the heart of humanity awakened” will allow us to see what’s always been there… To wake up to what has divided us from each other and ourselves and to shape shift it into a new reality. 

To wake up to the awareness that our previous system of understanding, our place… humanity’s place in the world, is no longer serving us. Our perception shifts as we see with the eye of the heart… When the whole world sees with the eye of the heart. 

I had a vision… I don’t have visions a lot…. but I had one! I still see it.  I saw the eye of the heart of Humanity in a deep inter-dimensional place in our planet…. a mountain and then a cave that was protected but had no ceiling.  

We will go there with our “inner pilot” and bring awareness into the eye of the heart of humanity so that it can awaken to its truth and see the truth without any fear. 

Could this possibly happen…?? It is what the ascension is.…? And are we in the midst of the long prophesied ascension of Planet Earth right now?! 

After some missing pages that were torn out of Mary Magdalene’s Gospel, her Gospel begins with these words. “Everything in nature, every modeled form, every creature, exists in and with each other.” This is a perfect definition of love because in this definition, love renders us all equal. It is a love that says I am not separate from you we exist in and within each other…. it reaches everyone and everything including Nature. 

We have worked with the concept of shape shifting in our previous prayers. If you remember, it is an indigenous process of transformation into a new form… And for our purposes, from a third dimensional concept to a Fifth dimensional reality that shape shifts our world and transitions us globally into a higher level of consciousness that exemplifies compassion, equality and justice for all. 

To touch the Jaguar means to understand that human reality is molded by our perceptions. And in order to change that reality we have to change our ways of thinking and acting. When we touch the Jaguar we release the fear of the Unknown and we open ourselves to a new perception… When the eye of the heart opens, it awakens us to this new reality. When it opens in the heart of humanity, it will open within each of us individually as well. As our perception changes, it transforms…shape shifts a new world long awaited. 

As the eye of the heart within each of us opens, as it opens within all of humanity, we will find a new way to live and we will all awaken to experiencing a new and profound relationship with the world and those around us. This includes all sentient beings but it also includes nature, animals, the water we drink in the air we breathe.  

We will truly become one with all that is…we enter into love with all that is.

In God’s Light



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