059 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is, infinite.”
–Mary Magdalene’s Gospel 

“Touching the Jaguar” means to recognize that human reality is molded by our perceptions… And that to change ourselves or our world we must break through the barriers that imprison us in our old ways of thinking and acting. Our perception… and our perception of our relationship to the world around us, drives everything. We must shape shift our reality into an experience of the emerging New World by bringing more awareness into our perceptions.  

There are two realities… One is objective and one is perceived. By changing a perceived reality we transform an objective one. So .., if we approach a chair for example and we are ready to sit down… Then…. we are told that only a Holy Man or Shaman may sit in it ….our perception of the chair would change. The chair would be different…and once enough people accept a perception, a new reality is created. 

In the Shamanic world this would be called “changing the dream”… We change the dream when we change our perception.  Reality is created as result of how we perceive. 

Again…Reality is created as a result of how we perceive… 

How is this pandemic and global unrest being perceived?  As an awakening to higher consciousness? ….  and is it universally perceived as a result of our disregard and separation from each other and our environment? 

However it is perceived…the consensus of perception…That is what it is..
It is the reality we are creating. 

Imagine the dream that our ego and soul became united…as ONE.  Then there would be no separation even within us. 

In the Navajo language there is NO word for imagination. A dream or what we can imagine holds equal weight with what happens to us in what is called “real life”.
What an amazing perception!! 

In our prayers each time we meet…. we are generating an experience and expanding potential for a new and more evolved humanity.   As we assist the planet to shape shift into a new perception of what is actually happening, of who we are in relationship to each other and our world…..  A new reality is created. 

We’ve all heard about the prophecies of 2012…

The Mayan prophecy of 2012 says the world will change at that time creating an opportunity for us to look at ourselves from a new perspective, creating potential for a New World with a more constructive mindset ….taking the actions necessary from this shift of perception for major planetary transformation.   

Astrologically this 2012 prophesy has always been part of an 8-year time span.. 2012 to 2020.  We can all look back to the last eight years and recognize all of the incredible transformations that have happened within the Catholic Church, sports, Hollywood, women’s rights, Human rights, improper humongous corporate bonuses, real estate and now racism, global health issues, FDA and politics are all being tackled and brought into the Light..   

To conclude and before our meditation journey…I would like to share with you the indigenous prophecy of the Eagle in the Condor. 

More than 2000 years ago a prophecy came to light and it stated…. 
Back in history, human societies split apart and took two routes.  

The Eagle people flew the path of the mind, science, technology and industry. The Condor people flew the path of the heart, passion, intuition and spiritual connections with nature. 

It goes on to say that for centuries they would never meet. Then up until the “fourth Pachacuti”,  which is a 500 year delineation of time beginning around 1500 AD…. their paths never crossed but the Eagle would drive the Condor into extinction. 

But not quite… 

The prophecy then stated that 500 years later at the beginning of the Fifth Patchacuti” which is now… The opportunity arises for the Eagle and the Condor to mate…, to fly together and to produce a new offspring… this new offspring would be global experience of Higher Consciousness. 

This is happening right now as we are on the threshold of this transformation and awakening…..The Condor and the Eagle mate during this time and there is a raising of consciousness to the Fifth dimension.. 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is, infinite.”

In God’s Light



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