060 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

More ideas from Michael Meade  “The World Does Not End”

It is known that the really dark times signify the end of an era… The conclusion of a giant cycle or cosmic dream.

The gift in this time is to journey from the struggles in the outer world moving deeper within and connecting with our soul essence. Individually as nations, and as individuals.

The Divine within is looking for us just as we are looking for it. In the midst of collapse and outer struggles on a global level with the familiar falling apart and in some cases disappearing, there can be profound connections revealed from that deep eternal spark within us….  Within our nation and within our world.

When the little self becomes overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty, the greater Self, or High Self within carries the dream forward. When it comes forward, there will be new heroes and new heroines in our global journey!  Our global awakening! They will rise up during this difficult and yet very fertile time to assist us in a positive planetary shift.

As everything else seems to disappear and fall apart, the deep or High Self comes closer to the surface and seeks to become known. The deep self reveals purpose and it is at the very core of our lives… Individually and globally. Once awakened it becomes a Divine force that assists us to move in the correct direction.

Today.. right now…. we call upon this Divine guiding force to initiate and to awaken into service those exceptional people who can direct our leaders and our nations to experience this global shift without violence … allowing the true essence of compassion, justice and equality to emerge out of the present chaos.

The intended outcome is a living revelation. Dark times of the apocalypse may find us swimming in an ocean of uncertainty as the new heroes and heroines spoken of earlier are moving forward toward the surface. In all of this activity, the dance of renewal begins for all of us.

In our prayers, each time we have gathered…. we activate transformation for the world…. from the other world…. from the world behind the world. We are doing this in Kairos or Mystical time rather than in Chronos or chronological time. Or we might say from the 5th Dimension rather from the third dimension.

From a mythological perspective rather than from a linear perspective.

The Myth is not “far back” in time… Like the “other world,” it is always nearby and the myth allows the future to become active in the present moment as a positive transformer while setting revolutionary precedents.

The eternal territory of the myth can lead us from the end of one world to the beginning of another as we take active responsibility for our part in the transition and transmutation.

The old woman in the cave from our myth a couple weeks ago began weaving a new world and THEN a vision came to her. She is already in action when the vision is presented. We are already in action in our prayer and because of that something in the form of a renewed world is coming to the surface.

“Dance or Die” say the native people who see all of life as a dance and all the genuine ways of being, as forms of dancing with spirit or soul. When we feel lost, we find a renewed rhythm for life…. The rhythm becomes a new frequency and it becomes movement leading us in a direction of NEW life. Today we will assist the people of our world to find that new rhythm; to move out of aggression and into peace. To move out of fear and chaos and into faith-filled response. To move out of manipulation of the masses by an ego-centric few and into renewed and well informed responsibility.

For our meditation I am suggesting that we invite the people of the world to a dance… we invite the world leaders. We invite the holy men and women, the people in the cities and those who dwell in rural areas….., indigenous tribes, people from every continent…. To dance together and create a new rhythm for a New World that is about to emerge.

We will go into Kairos and mythical time as we cross the Hummingbird Bridge and the most perfect temple hall has been prepared to support this dance of the renewal for our world. We find a new rhythm together and we dance the dance of the frequency of peace, compassion, justice and equality for all.

In God’s Light




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