061 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

Today we’re going to connect with Carl Jung’s transcendent third which we have done some work with before in our prayers. I’m sure you know that Carl Jung was the most famous archetypal psychologist of the last century. Originally, he was a student of Freud’s and broke away because Jung included spirit in all of his  psychological understanding and Freud did not. 

The art of alchemy which is the transmutation of one thing into the other… is similar to our shape shifting process that we have integrated in our prayers from indigenous traditions. 

The union of the physical and the spiritual creating a third… is a theme found in alchemy throughout history, the Sufis being the most expressive. When the body becomes spirit, and the spirit becomes body, we enter a new realm of experience… because the transcendent third is activated… A new vibration… A new frequency…. A new paradigm is born. 

I had my own alchemical experience when I went to Mexico 4 years ago and was treated by a physicist there. He injected me with platinum group metals that he had transmuted into cosmic energy and this healed me. My strength came back and I could function again. 

Jim and I were staying at the Westin in Puerto Vallarta and when we started out I had to take a cab from the road up to the hotel entrance because it was too slanted and I did not have the strength to walk up the slant. By the time we were done with the injections I walked up the slant easily. 

I could barely walk then…and after the alchemical injections.. I can hike! This is an incredible transmutation of energy through the alchemical process. 

The philosopher “stone” which is actually a tincture or powder, is a legendary alchemical substance that has magical properties. It is believed to be a ruby red stone that could be used to create the elixir of life which makes the drinker immortal as well as transform metal into gold. Transforms the physical, represented by the metal, and spirit represented by the gold into a new and higher vibration creates a transcended third, or a new paradigm. 

The process of alchemy transforms the original form into chaos so that when it is reunited with itself, it manifests as something new. We are in that process now on Mother Earth as is all of humanity. Alchemy is a physical process that unites spirit and matter ….. but it is also a symbolic or metaphorical journey. We are creating and participating in this symbolic process as we journey with our Lighthouse, the Hummingbird Bridge, the Jaguar, the Eye of the Heart. 

In the physical process alone, the transmuted chaotic matter became black and then slowly became green as it transformed. When it transformed in color it also transformed in its inner nature. Looking at that metaphoricallyJim saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said: 

 “Make America Green Again!”  Amen! 

Alchemy provides a model for defining inner experiences as well as a symbolic system for their expression. As I mentioned… We are doing this in our meditations. Carl Jung’s psychology concluded that the deep self could be personified as an inner figure as could the stone… The stone is considered a repository of wisdom. 

In our psycho-navigation today, we will go into the inter-dimensional center of Mother Earth and find this place of wisdom and discover the philosopher stone for our planet… The wisdom that we need to absorb it globally as we make this transformation from the third dimension to the fifth and create a transcendent third.  A New World!  

The philosopher stone as I mentioned is usually seen as a ruby red stone and from it the elixir of life flows. We will gather the elixir and taste it… We will direct the wisdom it contains through our Lighthouses as Ruby Red Light so that it’s repository of WISDOM is absorbed into Mother Earth and into the hearts and minds of all humanity. 

In God’s Light



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