062 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

We have been working in the amazing imaginal realm…. Some call this the psychoid world and know it’s the reality that does not belong to the ordinary World. Our Jaguar, our Lighthouse and our Hummingbird Bridge are part of this imaginal world… The imaginal world is a place of experience in which non-ordinary perceptions can occur. 

These spiritual allies, Jaguar, Lighthouse and Hummingbird Bridge are actually allies for our planet as well as for humanity and each of us. Our intent has brought them into an active state. They offer an inexhaustible supply of devotion for our purpose and all they require is acknowledgement in return, which of course we are doing. Attention and focus initiates and accelerates their process of transformation. 

As you may remember, from our prayer last week I spoke of the Navajo tradition where imaginal and 3-D reality are all part of one perception and none is given hierarchy over the other. It is all ONE reality. 

We have been engaging in a relationship with our spiritual allies that exist beyond the ordinary world and they continue to be of service to us and to our planetary awakening. The Jaguar protects us and releases fear. He guides us as we climb upon his back on our journeys.  He allows us to see through his eyes, as he has extraordinary inter-dimensional vision.  The Lighthouse beams fifth dimensional energy of compassion, justice and equality to humanity. The many Lighthouses beam the intention of our healing journey into the hearts and minds of humanity so the potential for global transformation can manifest. The Hummingbird Bridge facilitates our transition from Chonos or linear, chronological time to Kairos…which is sacred, mystical time as we travel across the bridge in the imaginal world. 

Through our interaction, the allies have an opportunity to grow and expand new parts of their nature. Because of this and our relationship with them they can be of greater service… We will call upon them for more assistance for our planet today. 

Imagination is a powerful and often underestimated gift that humans carry. Throughout the centuries the western world has ostracized it to a place of fiction…. which it is NOT.. 

Through our imagination we can experience the spiritual world and we can empower it through contact. We are doing that when we activate it with intention so that it can assist us in manifesting a positive outcome. In this process, ordinary and non-ordinary reality are united to create and empower this positive outcome. We have held a steadfast intention …  

Global healing and empowerment for all. 

This has been our process and our intention… To unite the ordinary and the non-ordinary world, or the concrete reality with the mystical reality in order to accomplish a transcendent third which delivers a compassionate and just  ”New World.” 

 Kim Gould, an Australian astrologer and a master of the “Human Design Process” states: 

“As we head to a major evolutionary tipping point in October/November 2020, we are experiencing three eclipses that will change how we view ourselves, and our humanity, forever.” 

It is our intent in combining these two realities to allow the spiritual entities of non-ordinary reality the space to grow and to become more powerful in their assistance to our planet during this time of challenge and awakening. 

We have seen this expansion in our Lighthouse because it started out a white candle and then became a huge cosmic Lighthouse with thousands of additional Lighthouses activated to beam in the 5th dimensional energy on our planet…We definitely gave it the space and attention to grow and become more powerful. 

Our Jaguar has continued to grow and become stronger and he continues to gain more power to be of service to our evolving planet.  The Hummingbird Bridge is now large enough as millions of people cross over it when we make our inter-dimensional  journeys for global healing. It started out as a small rope suspension bridge that 12 of us crossed. 

The upper world of pure spirit remains unknown to us but spiritual entities like our Jaguar and Lighthouse enter the middle world or imaginal world in order to be perceived. By the same token we enter the imaginal world in our journeys in order to perceive them. 

 In Quantum Physics it is this observation of the observer and the observed that creates change…the seer and the seen both experience this transformation ….In Quantum Physics we are bringing awareness to the implicate or inner world in order to facilitate change in the explicate or outer world……and the dance begins! 

As we bring more and more energy, intent and attention into this relationship, it becomes more and more powerful and more distinct. It becomes more capable of extraordinary feats because of the strength that it gains in our relationship with it. We provide the attention and intention in the process…and our primary spiritual allies…the Jaguar, Lighthouse and Hummingbird Bridge provide the results! 

Today the focus of our journey in this powerful imaginal world will be to bring assistance into our struggling global and national economy.  We will do this from a perspective of power and Light….no fear allowed. 

We will experience this active meditation as witnesses instead of as participants in this financial situation. We will merge our minds and hearts with each of our spiritual allies and allow them to guide us.  As we do this they will offer new clarity to our vision and thoughts, facilitating greater potential for a renewed economic Reality for our world. 

In God’s Light



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