063 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

In our last prayer we discussed the concept of the imaginal world that we continually journey in. We are exploring inter-dimensional territory in our meditations to assist planetary healing, transformation and awakening! 

 Each of us have participated in this process and we.. you and I… are  moving through this transformation at a very high vibrational level. You are that which our world is becoming…. We are the first citizens of the reality of the fifth dimensional world and we have called in millions more as they cross the Hummingbird Bridge with us each time we do our meditations. 

The imaginal world is a place of experience in which non-ordinary perceptions can occur. Our Lighthouses, Jaguar and Hummingbird Bridge are all non-ordinary perceptions and they are accessible in the terrain we are exploring in our meditations … 

Our intent has brought them into an active state and they offer inexhaustible devotion for our purpose and all they require is acknowledgment in return, which of course we are giving them. These allies are as real as the rosebush outside your door… They are in non-ordinary reality and the rosebush is in ordinary reality. As the two become one a transcendent third is born.. our New World. 

Our attention and focus initiates and accelerates our ally’s transformation, expanding their capabilities so that they can accomplish the extraordinary feats that we set intention for … And our world is in need of extraordinary feats right now! 

I goggled the Word “imaginal” (via Jim 🙂 and the concept of imaginal cells, and an article by Marc Winn came up. He explains “Imaginal cells are the cells that create the incredible process of metamorphosis that occurs when the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. These cells hold all the potential for the future and it is a great improvement on their previous existence.” Caterpillar to Butterfly!! 

3rd dimension to 5th dimension!  

The process of this change is amazing… the cellular structure of the caterpillar disintegrates in its transformational process. At that same time, dormant imaginal cells from the caterpillar start to develop creating the new structure of the butterfly! And as we know, there is no similarity whatsoever between the two creatures! No similarity between injustice and justice…hate and love….chaos and order… 

We are in that process in our world…. I think that the concept of disintegration of the old fits our present situation pretty well… Imaginal cells are starting to develop globally… as the new structure of an activated 5th dimensional reality manifests. 

Faith and expectation is a very powerful aspect of creating a new reality and this natural metamorphosis in nature gives us a wonderful metaphor for acceptance of this transformational miracle. 

The process according to Marc Winn is that “the separate imaginal cells start to resonate with the same frequency and they begin to  communicate in the same language… they start passing information back-and-forth until there’s a TIPPING POINT… At that time they stop acting as individual, separate cells and instead become a multiple celled organism: a butterfly.” We stop acting without compassion and we come together in love as a global community, and we become a New World. 

In the quote I mentioned in our prayer last week, Kim Gould, astrologer and master of human design said that we as well, are headed toward a TIPPING POINT in October November 2020 after experiencing these three Eclipses that we are in the midst of.… She said our perception of ourselves and our humanity will be changed forever.  

May this be our global transformation from caterpillar to butterfly! 

A tipping point is where a series of small changes become significant enough to create a larger more important change. Just as one example of how this is happening….in this month’s issue of “Wired” magazine which always offers new and forward thinking information about world communication and technology…an article called “Head In The Cloud” speaks the to a profound global shift of collaboration in the realm of science that is forming as scientists move out of their individual walled and rigid work styles… into virtual work spaces on Zoom.  

In this new trend of collaboration scientists from many countries learn and become unified in their effort as they move forward together… this is a very different course of action than before Covid19. It is an example of the transformation of segregated efforts of one institution…. into a collaborative unified effort to assist the whole world.. caterpillar to butterfly! 

You and I have faithfully come together in community with a focus on a single intent which is to assist our transforming world as we awaken into the fifth dimension. We are viewing a complete breakdown of so many systems just like the caterpillar whose cells disintegrate. 

At the very same time that’s happening…. the imaginal cells are transforming us into something completely different and new as we undergo that very same “natural” transformational process….. Individually and globally that nature has devised so beautifully…. We are doing that right now! 

We become ONE World expressing compassion, justice and equality. 

Come to the edge

We might fall

Come to the edge

It’s too high

Come to the edge…and they came 

He pushed them …and they flew!

In God’s Light



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