064 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

We have included shape shifting in our prayers quite a few times and…. here we are again… In shamanism, Mayan and Incan traditions… when people shift into different energy fields, they can overcome disease, addictions, break-through psychological barriers, and even understand their missions in life, opening themselves to their own deepest powers…  

Part of our mission in our prayer is to help facilitate the entry into a new epoch for humanity and for our planet that has been foretold since ancient times….  not only in almost every religion in the world but also by the Mayans, The Hopis, the natives of the Himalayas, African Serengeti and so many other cultures. We are here. 

The common theme throughout all of these legends and prophecies is the concept that we are poised at the brink of transformation and this transformative time is unlike anything history has witnessed before. We want to be sure that we do the very best job of it! 

The prophecies encourage us to create a world our children will want to inherit, and to do so there is a requirement of expanded awareness as we shape-shift into a higher level of consciousness.

Joseph Campbell Is quoted as saying “We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so that we can have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.” 

In our last prayer, we talked about the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly… Joseph Campbell compares us to the snake shedding his skin so the new one can grow. 

In native cultures and traditions, one could actually become an eagle or a fox. What are we transforming into as the human race and as planet? What is the value of our metamorphosis? 

Carl Jung, the most acclaimed psychologist of the last century, postulated that there is a collective unconscious shared by all humans which is a repository of all wisdom containing archetypal images that could also explain the process of shape-shifting. 

According to Denise Linn, highly recognized throughout the world for the wisdom she has gained from indigenous cultures, said that the metamorphosis available in shape-shifting is not creative visualization but rather a shift of realities. 

As we shift realities we see our situation through different eyes and therefore with a different perception. 

Most of us are locked into one radio station or dimension… there are so many others available. This is a metaphor for all of the different inter-dimensional realities that we can tune into just by turning the dial! 

We are collectively being nudged to find new and different version of ourselves with new and different pathways to solve the issues in front of us.  

Living in the 5th dimension is a frequency choice and we can move back-and-forth between the third and the fifth dimension… A movement that will keep oscillating until we can hold a higher frequency all the time. As individuals and globally… our heart and our mind must lead the way as we move into compassion. The path of the heart is our path to global compassion and the Fifth dimension. 

Our meditation today we will shape-shift into something in nature. Each of us will choose whether we want to experience the world by becoming a pine tree, a puffy cloud in the sky, a mountain of rock, a squirrel or a sparrow…. An eagle or a wolf! 

As we do this, we will view the world situation …all of its challenges and it’s transformations through different eyes and from a different dimension.  

We are looking at it from a completely different perspective in order to open to a wider world view. Releasing the limited perspective of our own experience ….becoming something else that views it differently. 

In God’s Light



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