065 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

The Fifth Dimension is a vibrational frequency of unconditional love with the absence of fear. In the Fifth Dimension compassion rules our emotions. 

The Fifth Dimension is what traditional religions have taught as heaven…..heaven on earth. It is the next place humanity is moving to and will be expressing through ….and many are already there! 

Right now the third and Fifth Dimension are very intermingled… I would say all of us on this call have at least one foot in the Fifth Dimension and are experiencing it at times… Especially when synchronicity‘s happen!  

If we have one foot in the Fifth Dimension we can be much more compassionate when we are engulfed in the third.. when we are engulfed with our present planetary situation. 

One of the most important aspects of the Fifth Dimension is to get the mind out of the way. One way to do that is to pretend there is a certain reality and then perceive it that way and make decisions around it….. as your intended perception evolves. 

It is time to change our perception of what is possible!  I feel a strong sense of urgency when I make this statement. 

Let us all perceive our world as a planet, and humanity is in transition to this higher vibration….. This is our ONLY perception and there is no PLANET B….and nothing will stop it because it is Divine Will. The mind might question this… how do you know its Divine Will and how will this happen, and what is the timeframe? But we aren’t listening to the mind when we experience Fifth Dimensional consciousness.  

As we make this planetary transition we may be tempted to stay in an old belief system or historical experience…to stay in the past as a place of comfort … A place where we know the territory and don’t have to experience the unknown. But of course we will fear it, resist it and therefore never move into presence.  

When we are in presence, there is no past or future… there is only now and the NOW is perfect. The future… in the now… exists as multiple possibilities.  When we put focus on one of those possibilities, a new reality is created. All of us create our own future. Humanity creates its own future…..and is doing so at this very moment. 

As we interact in the Fifth Dimension we change our concept of what’s possible…. we alter our course, and the course of humanity! 

In the third dimension, we know and learn from past experiences and people live in the past when they are solidly in the third dimension. You may have had conversations with friends or family around the world situation and some may be coming from a fearful doomsday perspective because the third dimension is a dimension of limit.  

When that happens non-linear possibilities CAN’T be considered and there is no way out ….and no choices. If you want more examples of that just listen to the news. 

But in the Fifth Dimension, there is an expectation of knowing that something else is coming that’s beneficial. That is the perception. The low vibration of fear cannot enter the Fifth Dimension because there is a frequency barrier that a slow vibration cannot break through. You might visualize that…  

In the Fifth Dimension we can manifest reality because of our faith and expectation… Because of our ability to perceive and put focus on a new paradigm and one that empowers us… we are Knighted by Source and we create what’s possible. 

We are grateful about everything and this deep sense of gratitude assists us in achieving a permanent Fifth Dimensional State. We absolutely know that the Divine is in charge of this planetary transition and that this energy is being broadcast all around us. 

As we listen, we anchor the higher vibration into our body and spirit easily, and we place our focus on a positive planetary outcome.

In God’s Light



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