066 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

On Monday our prayer and meditation was about the third and Fifth Dimensional experience and today we’re going to continue that and go a little bit deeper into having an experience of the Fifth Dimension. 

(“Waking up in 5D… Maureen St Germain) 

The third dimension is a free-will zone and you have the freedom to choose a God centered choice or a not-God centered choice. We are seeing a lot of that in our leaders these days. Choices …choices… 

In the third dimension we might label them as good or bad. From the Fifth Dimension there is no polarity, no good or bad only love which translates only to a God choice. In the Fifth Dimension you’ll still have choice but the not-God choice might not be available and it certainly wouldn’t be attractive to you. If it was…. you’d be catapulted back into 3-D where many karmic and “me first” choices originate and are readily available. This back and forth is probably what is happening to many of us now…. as we begin to peer into Fifth Dimensional terrain….as we teeter-totter between the third and Fifth Dimension. 

There are many choices still to be made in the Fifth Dimension.  

The game of polarity and karma ends when there are no more players….no more teeter totter….when there is nothing but love.  

As we enter the Fifth Dimension, it is the end of reincarnation with karma, the end of a cycle of being bound by lesser patterns of the past, and most especially the sins of a past life. 

Preference for God-action or God-choice will prevail. Probably those who choose polarity may also choose to stay behind rather than to move forward with an evolving humanity.. Free will. 

An exercise to assist us is to be to begin to observe yourself in a neutral way…. some  call this Presence. Please quiet yourself as we peer into the Fifth Dimension together. 

We are going to explore that experience now.  Please center and ground yourself. 

Now visualize a clear space… like a white room…. Take a moment to do this. Either visualize or imagine or pretend to see a lovely rose in a small crystal vase on a white table in the center of your room..  

There are two white-boards on a wall behind the rose…. One on either side of it. The one on the left is the past …. With an imaginal black marker write a couple things on the board that have been bothering you. .. 

The white board on the right is the future. Now write a couple things on that board that represent concerns and fears about your future or the future of humanity.  

Once complete, step out of the room…… Once you are out… turn around and walk back in through an imagined door. 

Walk up to the whiteboard on the left and erase everything you wrote about the past. See it empty. 

Now step over to the white board on the right and erase everything you’ve written about the future. It too is now empty. 

Sit or stand in front of the rose and be in the moment. No polarity… no mind …no speculation… There is nothing but the rose…. 

This is a Fifth Dimensional experience. This is no-mind. This is presence. 

You still have choice, and you can choose to look at the rose or not.  

This is the NOW and it is all that IS…. 

You are experiencing true reality. 

Now what happens? 

Have your own experience with the rose, or come with me….  

I see the rose expanding …I smell it’s fragrance…….it’s all around me and now I become the rose…. I am that ….I AM THAT THAT IS. 

Each of us can be the rose now in our lives…or not. 

Now we will make our journey with our allies and instill the 5 D rose, 5D, presence, God-centered choices and LOVE into the hearts and mind of all humanity.

In God’s Light



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