067 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

Waking up in 5D 
Maureen St Germaine  

Abandoning the need to know frees us from the linear process and allows us to accept information in a new way. Abandoning the how or why if things is not the only way but it is an important tool to expand your ability to achieve 5D (Fifth Dimension).  

How will we all ascend?  

All that’s required for the 5D experience is faith, knowing and an experience of oneness with reality and All That Is. 

As we need to expand our reality into 5D we are engaged with our heart and the compassion that comes with Oneness. 

5D enhances our perception of what is possible. 

In quantum physics, we create by focusing and bringing clarity to a new possibility. A powerful possibility right now is that Fifth Dimensional reality will manifest on our planet and in the hearts, thoughts and actions of humanity as we make a shift into the new world. 

The moment you experience your true identity as being one and the same with All That Is…you become the Rose and there is no past or future …there is only now… 5D reality!  

This perspective can allow you to move into greater levels of mastery, supporting a permanent state of existence for yourself and all humanity in the Fifth Dimension. 

I am one with All That IIs… I Am That. 

The entrance we have begun through our Rose is the beginning of an amazing and powerful frequency shift that I believe is cellular.  

It releases us from our past patterns and our inconsistencies and makes it easy for us to transform… to be led by compassion on all levels. 

“Ascension is the dramatic physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that will cause us to feel, think, and be different than we were before.” 

We have experienced this entrance and we need to continue to maintain focus in order to hold onto it and make decisions from now on at that high frequency. 

In so doing, we perceive our world and our relationship to it differently. 

I would like you to imagine yourself as a certain color when you’re in the Fifth Dimension. I am imagining myself as purple. When I’m in the third dimension I am pink.  

Using colors is a great way to recognize what dimension you’re working from or living from without going into your mind. Just check in… What color am I? What frequency am I making this decision or taking this action from? 

As we move from the third to the Fifth Dimension, we are recognizing that true integrity is at the core of 5D. When you think one thing, and act out or feel another you have created a roadblock. You are no longer purple 🙂 

Let’s say, as an example you are purple when you’re in integrity.  This means your thinking, feeling and acting is all in alignment and all is in the same frequency of compassion. It is all One. 

Using color to enter and maintain a Fifth Dimensional reality can be very powerful! 

We are going to do our Rose meditation again and when you are in that Oneness I’d like you to see yourself as a color. This will be the color that you can use from this day forth to remain in the Fifth Dimension. 

Then we will take our journey with our allies as that color. We will beam this rainbow of color into our planet and into the hearts and minds of humanity for the purpose of generating the highest integrity and unity of body, thoughts and emotions so that we may all enter and remain at the high vibration. 

This process will release overwhelm and chaos; it will release fear and it will assist us all as we become that which we were destined to be.

In God’s Light



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