068 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God, 

Quantum consciousness 
Peter Smith 

Our goal… Should we choose to accept it …. 

Is to bring expanded Fifth Dimensional potential into a troubled 3D planet… To move from the world of uncertainty to a world a possibility… To create a different future from an emerging perspective that heralds a long prophesied awakening for humanity! 

There is an archetypal story called the “Heroes Journey” that Joseph Campbell identified as the Universal Myth. We have included the power of myths in our prayers previously. By identifying with this myth we can reach our ultimate potential and find fulfillment on our global journey to the Fifth Dimension! There are three stages to the myth.  We are living this 3-tiered archetypal journey right now individually…. and as a planet. 

As I identify the three stages of this myth, you will recognize our position and each one. 

The first one is…. Leaving a familiar world to respond to destiny.

It is our destiny as a planet and individually to evolve as a species and become that which is the Fifth Dimensional consciousness of compassion and Oneness with all that is. 

Second stage of the myth is Navigating in a new, unfamiliar world of possibilities for the purpose of transformation. For a successful transformation it is essential that we move from uncertainty to possibility and make decisions and ACT on the potential of the “veiled” map before us. 

The Third stage is Returning to the starting point as a person forever changed. As a planet forever changed…

As we create and experience dramatically new paradigms that are generated from our participation and processing of Fifth Dimensional frequencies…. we are establishing and living out a preferred reality. 

Preferred reality releases us from the 3D realm of cause-and-effect and expands our awareness into new territory… We are creators of our own destiny and we form our own reality. We live in a world of possibility and as creators we put conscious focus on whatever possibility we choose and we make it real.   

When we do this consciously, we move into an expanded state of awareness. When we do this unconsciously, we are tossed around on the waves of an uncertain reality that someone else has chosen for us. As we know, many are stuck in this place right now and there is nothing there but fear. 

Each of us has chosen a color to represent our state of awareness when we are in the Fifth Dimension or are making decisions from that expanding consciousness. As we approach big forks and little forks in the road, you and I have a method to make Fifth dimensional decisions from a place of no mind. We just check into our color.

What color are you right now? Has your color changed a little bit since Monday? Has it become more complex? Is there some texture to it? 

You and I… Because we are making conscious decisions from a higher frequency, are holding our world in this high frequency of a preferred reality. 

Does it matter that there’s only a few of us doing this? Not in the least! We are transmitting this vibration into planetary consciousness and it is being picked up by millions! And…. our world is awakening! 

Today in our meditation we are going to replace some of the low vibrational energies with the energy of our Rose…Which is a symbol of a Fifth Dimensional transition.  It establishes Presence as concerns about the past and the future no longer weigh us down. 

We are stepping into quantum consciousness as we release the limitations of the physical body and enter into the imaginal world and offer our rainbow of colors to assist our planet in this planetary awakening. 

We are activating the process of humanity REMEMBERING that each of us has chosen to be here NOW during this amazing global transformation.  Our rainbow will be activated by us to assist the hearts and minds of humanity to become aware that we are creating our new reality right Now.  

We must not allow ourselves to be tossed in the waves of fear that are being created by one percent of the world. 

In God’s Light




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