069 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

Our Rose… The Fifth Dimension… Presence ..
Are all synonyms for NOW.

In our 5D Rose meditation we erased time so that there was nothing but the Rose. Nothing but Now.

In Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now he says that psychological time is deeply embedded in the 3rd dimension… As we awaken globally, there is… will be an ending of time. We are breaking mind patterns that have dominated third dimensional life for eons.

He calls those patterns unconscious… He also calls it insanity.

Tolle is very clear in his book that a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness as it relates to time is our only chance of survival as a species.

The way to know if you’ve been taken over by psychological time is a simple criterion… Ask yourself… is their joy, ease and lightness in what you are doing? If there isn’t…. time has covered the present moment ….and life is perceived as a burden or a struggle.

The moment you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolves, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. Experiencing  present moment awareness in whatever you do embeds a sense of Integrity and love in the simplest action. Eckhart Tolle states how important it is not to be concerned with the fruit of your actions… Just give attention to the action itself and the fruit will come of its own accord.

We are all doing that very thing in our prayers. We are giving it our full attention and we are staying in the moment. We have erased the past and the future, and we are experiencing the NOW…The Rose.

We are bringing this presence to our planet and all humanity through our Hummingbird Bridge, our Lighthouse and Jaguar each time we come together…. And of course now we have added a new ally ….the Rose!!

Presence… which is the Rose….. represents our awakened divinity or God essence.

Remember that the Rose and God-Essence just means there is no psychological time. There is no past or present … Anything in the past happened in the Now and anything in the future will be experienced in the Now as well. The concept of past and present is an illusion that is attached to the mind.

When you are present you can allow the mind to be and not get entangled with its illusions of the past or future… The mind itself is not dysfunctional but the dysfunction sets in when you seek yourself in it ….mistaking it for who you are and then it becomes the egoic mind which takes over your whole life.

Time is not precious… What is precious is the Now. It is the most precious thing …It is the pearl of great price and the Now is the only thing that can take you beyond the limits and the entanglements of the mind. It is your point of access … It is the threshold to the Fifth Dimension!

A question from the great Zen Master Renzio…

“If not Now, when?“

There is never a time in your life that is not “this moment.” This moment or the Now is the only thing that’s real.

Today in our meditation we are going to see planet Earth at the threshold of the Now …of the 5th dimension. We will do this through our Rose meditation.

First we will release our human past experiences of war, greed, slavery and all of the many despicable acts of humanity that are a part of our illusive past. We will do this with our allies… Our Hummingbird Bridge, our Lighthouses, our Jaguar and the Rose. We will use our whiteboard and erase it all.

Then we will erase our illusive future that is a projection of fear and is also an illusion. It is not real unless we make it real. And why would we want to make fearful illusions real?

We will release any fear of what’s coming during these challenging times on our planet.

We will write on our whiteboard illusions like:

fear of illness, financial loss, mandated vaccines, global health and therapeutic censorship and so much more…. so many other fear-filled aspects that the mind can conjure up that are not real.

Nothing is real unless it’s in the Now.

In God’s Light



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