070 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

More from Eckhart Tolle… And his book The Power of Now.

To become conscious of Being, we need to reclaim consciousness from the mind. This is one of our most essential tasks in our journey toward Presence as it will free vast amounts of consciousness that were previously trapped in useless and compulsive thinking.

We are going to bring attention to the invisible energy field within us that instills life into what we perceive as the physical body.

Close your eyes and do that now. Focus on the vibrance of how awareness of the inner body illuminates every organ, every cell, every movement. Feel this subtle energy within your arms, your hands, your abdomen, your chest.

Now feel it all at once in every part of your Being as this subtle energy field, your inner body expresses life within you. Your inner body is formless, limitless and unfathomable. As you bring awareness into your body it will become even more alive….you will become stronger and more vibrant!

Your inner body …is the subtle energy that lies at the threshold between your form identity and your true nature…your essence identity.

The dense physical structure we call the body is subject to disease, old age and death, and ultimately is not real. It is not you.

It is a misperception of your Essential Reality.  Your Essential Reality or God-Essence is beyond the experience of birth and death….which are again misperceptions due to the limitations of mind…. which has lost touch with Being.

The body that which we see and touch is an illusory veil…maya.  Underneath this veil lies the invisible body, the doorway to Being. Through the inner body you are inseparably connected to radiant, deathless, eternal Presence. Eternally One….. and forever with God.

The more focus you bring into the frequency within you that is your inner body, the more powerful and illuminated it will become. If you keep yourself and your attention focused on this inner aspect of your being, you won’t lose yourself in your mind and the fear and emotions that it stirs up.

As we stay focused within the Life Essence inside our body …  we are One with all that is ….we are then anchored in the Now.

As we stay present within our body, we will not be run by the mind even when there are challenges, loss or upset. Nothing that is Real can be lost or destroyed. Check in and see if there is something that is bothering you right now…if you find something go within and put attention on your inner body….Does it disappear? It will have lost its value because the past or future it belongs to cannot survive in the Now. When you are connected to your indestructible inner body you are in the Now…

“Awareness of the Inner Body is consciousness remembering its origin and returning to the Source.”

When you become identified more with a timeless inner body rather than the outer body… when presence becomes your normal mode of consciousness….. past and future no longer dominate your attention. You are in the Now… and you are The Rose.

Other benefits of this new way to be is that your immune system will become stronger and you won’t age as quickly because the burden of the past and future releases its capacity to impair the cells in your body.

In our meditation today we will first go through the experience of connecting with our inner body and then on our journey with our Jaguar we will bring that connection into the collective of all humanity so that the collective can reconnect to the Source. We are going to re-plug humanity into Source. This will eliminate global fear and strengthen the capacity of the collective to experience a stronger immune system, a renewal of faith, joy and love in this planetary awakening.

Then we will do the same for Planet Earth.  This will release the negative effects of pollution, famine, disease of the past and fear of the results of our irresponsible and destructive past in the future.

In God’s Light



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