071 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

We are preparing to make a global quantum leap in consciousness. It is available to us in the blink of an eye when we are in the Now.

We have found the entrance to the Fifth Dimension ….Which is synonymous with the Now.

It is through the Dream body which is the aspect of each of us that is eternal. The Dream body unlike the physical body does not experience disease or the corruption or death that the physical body endures. It would benefit all of us tremendously to connect with it in the Now and experience the Fifth Dimension in our physical body!

Think of something personal that is in the future or past that is disturbing you. Close your eyes and focus on the vibrancy and awareness of the Dream body within you. You might use the image of Casper the ghost. It’s just a natural invisible energy field that is your Dream body and is within you. It is within all of humanity and it is within our planet and everything in it as well. It is our threshold to 5D.

Now notice if you are still disturbed about the previous issue… Hopefully it’s completely disappeared. Mine has.

Before we do our meditation today I’d like each of us to connect with our Dream body again. Ground yourself, close your eyes and be Present. I would now like you to stand up in your Dream body. Not in your physical body… Imagine your Dream body and make a good connection with it and now allow it to stand up walk across the room ….and… turn around…. come back and sit back in your physical body.

This aspect of you is your essential reality. It is your God essence and it is beyond the experience of birth and death. It is eternal and does not know death or disease. As we connect more fully and look into our Dream body we become eternal… We do not experience death or disease.

In our prayers up to this point we have constructed allies through our intent… They are the Lighthouse, the Hummingbird Bridge, the Jaguar and the Rose. The more attention and focus we have brought to them …the stronger and more powerful they have become and the more assistance they can give humanity to  our planetary healing and global awakening.

As we know, we have quite a situation going on on planet Earth. We also know that everything is perfect and within the Divine Plan.

We enter them Now by connecting with 5D and experience the eternal aspect of ourselves through our Dreambody.

Eckhart Tolle said that the only way our species will survive is to make a quantum leap of consciousness. We are at the brink of this right now… The coronavirus has led us there!

Remember that nothing exists as a True Reality unless it is in the Now.  Global wars, pollution, slavery, famine, disease all exist in psychological time. It is all illusion because it is in the past and fear or expectation of the future and none of that is Now.  None of that is at a 5D vibrational frequency and it can’t survive in the moment.

We will begin our meditation now…

Close your eyes, be present and grounded.

We experienced our Dream body earlier as we stepped out our physical body and walked around the room. Now tap in to that Dream body again within yourself…. Let’s take one of many struggles that our planet is moving through right now to focus on with our meditation. How about ocean pollution?

Sit quietly and be completely present and think of the ocean and the many 3D issues created from the devastating pollution that we have created there… including the threat to marine life

and the lives of all humanity.

Think of the concerns you have for our future because of pollution and now connect with your Dream body. You might see the Rose on your chest as an emblem of protection and a representation of the Power of Now.

In God’s Light



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