072 Planetary Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Father Mother God,

In our previous prayers we have brought attention Into the invisible energy field called the Dream body within us that instills life into what we perceive as the physical body. 

It is the part of us that is eternal and does not know death, disease or corruption. It is formless, limitless and unfathomable and as we bring awareness into it, we become stronger and more vibrant.… Eternal without death or disease. 

Our Dream body is a threshold between our form and our True Nature. 

It is the limitations of the mind that prevent us from experiencing this Eternal Presence. It is our birthright to merge with this eternal aspect of ourselves. 

When we are connected to this indestructible aspect of ourselves we are in the Now. This means we are released from psychological time which can only be experienced by the mind. Psychological time contains the illusion of the past and future. 

Today we will do a meditation together and invite all of humanity into the Now…. those who accept will rejoice as we create a critical mass and evolve into our amazing destiny provided by the manifesting Golden Age. 

Together, let us create the intention of a profound, loving and healing planetary awakening. 

There is a beautiful golden chalice in front of us and each of us will place our intention in the chalice like a seed that’s ready to burst and bear fruit. 

We’re going to do a healing visualization and prayer from the Fifth Dimension for the manifestation of the Fifth Dimension globally. 

……Allow the challenging time of our planet come to come to mind. 

Now close your eyes… Connect with your Dream body. See the global issue disappear… And now from that consciousness we will experience our planetary healing journey. 

1 We have set our intention for planet Earth and all humanity to evolve to a higher level of consciousness as we awaken as a species. 

2 With your eyes closed, see a very black Void with your third eye. It is the powerful unknown.
Now a silver Star appears in the blackness. We send our intention for an awakening planet into the Star and we watch the Star absorb all our intentions from our chalice for higher global consciousness…. 

3 Now allow the Star to rest about 12 inches above your head.
It very gently explodes three times and each time it becomes stronger and more vibrant. It is radiant now. 

4 Now we see the star above the head of each being living in our world. Again the star explodes three times very gently and each time it becomes stronger and more vibrant.  

5 The star is energized and it activates the Dream body and Fifth Dimensional consciousness within each person on our planet. 

6 Our intention of a loving and fearless planetary awakening drops down into your heart. Now this message drops down into the heart of all humanity…. Of all who will permit and accept this experience. Allow your heart to expand with this download. All hearts expand… 

7 Feel the energy of your heart and the fusion that takes place between your heart, your Dream body and the Star. 

8 The Star for you and I and the millions who have accepted it and been energized by it …. Lifts up into the sky and now we see millions of beautiful silver Stars surrounding our Earth. Each one carries the message of the integration of the Dream body, the eternal aspect of ourselves that does not know death or disease. The Now and Fifth Dimensional energy are thoroughly seeded on our planet. We send love to nourish and enrich it. 

The Star that we have constructed and activated is now in the Void which is the place of the Unknown where all possibilities manifest and become real. This intention continues to be showered down on planet Earth as we experience this profound awakening Now.

In God’s Light







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